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Date received: 29th May 2020

“The reason I chose Friends First was because it’s a Christian agency…. the only hesitation I had was the cost. But when I looked into it, I saw they were very thorough, and you were going to get someone genuine. I had a lot of input before I joined and spoke to Seb who was extremely helpful. I also knew that I could phone and talk to him about any queries I had. He was very patient and helpful. I am quite excited at the thought that I am a step forward to meeting Mr Right.”

(Jackie from Somerset)


Date received: 28th May 2020

“I have to say, I am really impressed with the contents of the Welcome pack folder. I have spent a good couple of hours going through it and I certainly feel this has been a good investment. The contents are very well laid out and is full of interesting and helpful information.”

(Anne from Limerick)


Date received: 28th May 2020

“I have been a member of Friends 1st for just over a year and found the ladies I have been in contact with were of a good standard. Being a member of friends means that those you meet follow Christian principles of love and caring for others. Sadly since the lockdown I have not been able to meet anyone in the flesh but hopefully things will gradually improve.”

(Peter from West Yorkshire)


Date received: 28th May 2020

“I decided to join based on a trusted friend’s referral. What influenced my decision to join is because my trusted friend had a success; proof of her own friend who found a soul mate through her membership with friend first. My observation of my first interactions with your team is that they are very assertive and great listeners.”

(Ruth from Essex)



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Date received: 27th May 2020

“You asked about if I was sceptical about joining an agency. The answer is Yes but not yours. When I searched for a Christian Agency and I saw yours, it was because of the in-depth assurance that I got from watching the you speak about what is offered, the work that has put in place to keep people safe, ensuring that people will be vetted and that peace of feeling safe was what I need and that for me reflects integrity and caring company. Also, I felt transparency and that settles my fears and anxiety. Your Christ like approach, love and want to help people is what influenced me to join. My first interaction was great, I never made to feel pressured but was talked through the process and left to decide by myself. I would recommend the service to Godly people who are looking for that help to meet Gods desire for them. Why, because I feel settled in my spirit that this company is a company that acts with integrity.”

(Carrol from Nottingham)


Date received: 27th May 2020

“A Christian organisation – excellent! And it operates off-line! The headlines get better and better! I joined Friends1st a little over a week ago, and have already seen so much activity on my account: draft profile, lots of reading/coaching material delivered to my door, and very swift responses to all my enquiries (including telephone follow-up to my questions logged during a webinar delivered by Katherine prior to my joining). I especially like the fact that Friends1st is only for those with a Christian faith, which is so important in personal relationships. I have every confidence that things will continue to go well as I seek a new relationship after my wife died some years ago.”

(Gordon from Reading)


Date received: 19th May 2020

“I feel I am being looked after in a Christian manner and with God’s help I am now in a good place and more content  in my life and no stress associated to this new book /chapter which I am now looking forward too very much.”

(Jen from Londonderry)



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Date received: 18th May 2020

“I just know this is the right Christian dating site for me and I am very serious about being introduced to a male member however long it will take. I will certainly recommend your dating site to my friends. We all need a special person in our lives and friends whom we can enjoy life with but I love the way you go about this “Offline” it was great to know, in fact it made me say “yes”.”

(Sue from Oxfordshire)


Date received: 16th May 2020

“I joined Friends1st some years ago but did not commit to it. Katherine kept in touch with me, encouraging me and saying, “give it a try” So here I am again giving it a go! I’m enjoying it and I know that I will gain a lot from coming back to friends1st. You are such caring and loving team. God bless.”

(Bassey from Slough)


Date received: 13th May 2020

“I received the friends1st folders yesterday, thank you very much. I also love my enhanced profile, great work.”

(Bassey from Slough)


Date received: 3rd May 2020

“I am very happy with the support and help so far. The people I have spoken on the phone have been very kind and helpful”

(Mark from Gloucestershire)



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Date received: 1st May 2020
“Thus far, all my dealings with Friends First have been courteous, friendly, non-pushy, understanding of my own personal journey from marriage to singleness, while always encouraging me towards getting involved when I felt that time was right for me.  So it is with some excitement and anticipation of what might occur next, that I have launched myself, in this way,  to find new friends.  If nothing happens I will be absolutely fine but if I do make new friends or indeed meet that very special someone …. what’s not to like about that?

I’m really looking forward to the next twelve months!”
(Viv from Devon)


Date received: 30th April 2020
“I have been really encouraged by my experience with Friends1st so far. I was surprised to receive a personal phone call checking in with me just after I joined and I feel confident that the team will encourage and support me through this process. It took me a long time to decide to join but in the end I thought it would be the best chance to meet someone who wants the same as I do and shares my faith. So far it feels a lot safer and more promising than joining a dating site. “
(Jenny from Oxfordshire)


Date received: 29th April 2020
“Thank you so much – Very Well Done for all your good work at Friends 1st. I do like to receive my profiles by post.
Hope you have a great day today dearest Sarah.”

(Simon from Cardiff)

Date received: 29th April 2020
“I am probably the most skeptical person ever to have joined Friends 1st. I was always concerned in my mind about ‘what if they’re all too far away. I don’t want to travel’. I certainly don’t want to fall in love with someone and have to move. It has taken me well over a year of contemplating whether it would be worth it to join knowing my stubbornness.  I decided to continue reading the occasional emails that came through on varying topics over the past year whilst keeping my options open. Since the lockdown due to coronavirus life has slowed down,  I’ve had more time to appreciate connections with family and friends through other means such as zoom. Spending more time alone at home has made me more aware of the little voice in my head saying “well, it would be nice with that special someone here with you too, if only you’d have joined a year ago you never know” lol, so I was more than ever ready to take the plunge when Katharine rang out if the blue. I still have the niggling thought about what if they’re all too far away, but I think my outlook has slightly changed in that I would be happy to make connections and friends with people and

they don’t have to be on the doorstep. Also, God knows how I feel about moving so I’ll leave that in His capable hands.

I don’t think anything influenced my decision to join other than I am ready. I feel this is God’s timing for me.
I spoke with Katharine prior to joining and have found her to be very encouraging. Since joining I have had communication with Ella and Sarah and found the process with their guidance plain sailing.
I’m looking forward to receiving the profiles, and to pray over who to make connections with. I think if I was going to recommend this service to anyone it would have to be someone established in their faith with God through Jesus, and who is available and serious to find a partner for life.”

(Chrissie from Dorset)


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Date received: 28th April 2020
“Friends1st has so many different services offered to clients, I am so impressed, e.g video profiles, 1:1 coach sessions.”

(Audrey from Lancashire)

Date received: 17th April 2020
“I would just like to say I have had the most enjoyable afternoon talking to some wonderful people of all great faith. I would just like to say it’s the best £500 I have ever spent. Thank you ever so much, keep up the good work.”

(Louis from Scotland)

Date received: 14th April 2020
“The welcome was great! It confirmed to me what I already knew which is FriendsFirst you do genuinely care about us as people and want us to be the best we can be, as well as help us find that ‘Special One’! The Top Tips book and the Risking Romance Again book are great, and I have gone through the folder already. I have read the Top Tips book already and am about to start reading the other book. I really like the way at the back of the folder that you encourage us to have 5 sections to help us keep track of people we have contacted or those who have contacted us etc. Thank you”

(Elizabeth from Aberdeenshire)

Date received: 9th April 2020
“Thank you I think what you have written in my profile is great and captures the essence of who I am. I certainly like to grab life with both hands and go for it! Thank you too for all your hard work during these unusual times, you are a star! “

(Elizabeth from Aberdeen)


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Date received: 9th April 2020
“I was really grateful for the communication critique, it was a really worthwhile service”

(Trevor from Spalding)

Date received: 6th April 2020
“Thank you so much for getting my profile back to me today, you are amazing! I am so excited that I took the plunge to join Friends First and start my  journey to meet an amazing Christian man, thank you.”

(Elizabeth from Aberdeenshire)

Date received: 3rd April 2020
“Thanks so much for been so professional. I have been through so much pain its great you make me feel amazing again within. I have a total resurgence that we are going places together.”

(Lois from Scotland)

Date received: 30th March 2020
“Great info on Zoom. Wow! How easy and exciting you make it. I also wanted to say a very big thank you for all you are doing for us singles at this most unusual time.”

(Angela from Chester)


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Date received: 30th March 2020
“I could see that Friendsfirst was very thorough, with many years of successful experience. There is a personal touch and this great. Caring about the clients is mutually beneficial.”

(Ian from Durham)

Date received: 30th March 2020
“I would like to say how friendly you all are and really putting your customers at ease and also knowing that I can contact you at anytime In case of queries.”

(Josie from Essex)

Date received: 23rd March 2020

“My first interactions with your company have been impressive to me. Jo rang me following a message I left on the internet and as I’m sure you know, it is like talking to your best friend who you’ve known for years, talking to Jo. She is the epitome of cheerfulness. Sarah also has been very helpful. I feel quite confident about the journey I’ve started. I know that this is a reputable, professional organisation with people who know their job. I’m looking forward to making contacts and I won’t let the grass grow under my feet.”

Date received: 19th March 2020

“I just wanted to say how helpful I found the 15 minute coaching call.
I wasn’t expecting it to be such fun and so informative.
I am really looking forward to receiving my first set of profiles – can’t wait!”

(Tessa from Gloucester)

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Date received: 17th March 2020

“My goodness, I had no idea you had so much to offer! Thank you. This shows me care, safety and also helped my confidence. It gave me great confidence in friendsfirst as an organisation”

(Jennifer from N. Ireland)
Date received: 12th March 2020

“Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing, giving opportunities to numerous Christians that would otherwise be lost, lonely and miserable. I wish you and your ministry more grace and favour in the will of The Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!.”

(Liz from Nottingham)
Date received: 4th March 2020

“When I joined I felt a great joy inside me as through you I will find that girl with which to base my family thank you.”

(Marius from Ireland)
Date received: 27th February 2020

“I enjoyed every aspect of my coaching call and it was an eye opener of the experience you and your team have on how to find and make friends. I am grateful for all that information. My late Dad used to tell us that, ‘someone informed is enlightened’. Thank you once again.”

(Jennifer from Manchester)

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Date received: 18th February 2020

“I did feel cared for in receiving my welcome pack as there is a lot of good, honest information in it. Very well thought through, friendly and came across as very committed to help find a friend …very good.”

(Anonymous from Glasgow)
Date received: 18th February 2020

“Thank you for being so informative – I have really enjoyed finding out about your service and I will be in touch very shortly”

(Nigel from Ceredigion, Wales)

Date received: 15th February 2020

“My experience with the staff has been excellent, they were there to listen and guide every step of the way”

(Bola from London)





Date received: 12th February 2020

“Thank you so much. In fact, I can’t thank you and the Friends1st team enough for all your help, advice and support. I’ve got a new lease of life.”

(Lanie from Worcestershire)





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Date received: 6th February 2020

“Katharine’s support, coaching and advice around dating has helped me make new friends, and increased my confidence to tackle obstacles to successful dating. I have felt encouraged to set dating goals and plan ahead to meet ladies, to inject appropriate urgency into my search for a spouse.”

(Tom from Surrey)




Date received: 3rd February 2020

“Joining a dating agency is not something I would normally do.  Going on line and everyone knowing my business was not for me. I was  attracted to Friends first when I realised it wasn’t on-line and was a very personal  service. Plus knowing it was Christians who were running the service gave me the assurance I needed to take the plunge.”

(Pam from Yorkshire)




Date received: 29th January 2020

“It was a great delight to speak with you late last night on such an important journey in my life.  I have never been so excited like this before, the investment is huge and the returns I believe will be very rewarding. Looking forward to a successful and destiny fulfilling journey towards my marriage as ordained in scripture, as you have already enabled so many others on this platform of friends1st. “

(Vallerie from Reading)



Date received: 21st January 2020


“At 70 yrs of age, I seem to have become a stronger -minded person than ever I was before. Deciding to join Friends1st was sudden and decisive. I woke up one morning thinking, I wish I had a good friend with whom I could share good times and happy experiences and in that moment I knew I would ring Friendsfirst.”

(Kathy from Wales)


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Date received: 18th January 2020


“Let me thank you for accepting me to be a member of your agency. Previously I opened a dating website and I felt sick. I just thought I can’t do this; it is not for me. However when I opened your web- site the feeling was different and I felt like I was at home. When read how you started your agency I strongly felt it was a calling, a ministry God has given you. My first interactions were welcoming friendly and promising. I am feeling positive and encouraged and I can say that you and your team are the first friends even before going further. Thank you once again, and many blessings.”

(Jennifer from Manchester)


Date received: 15th January 2020


“friends1st is very proactive in getting in touch with me; the staff have been very approachable & I value your advice a lot.”

(Paula from London)


Date received: 12th Janury 2020


“I thought a lot about why I chose Friends First before joining and one of the reasons was for the support; the call has given me confidence. Sarah answered my questions and did not rush me, I appreciated this as I felt nervous.”

(Anna from Yorkshire)

Date received: 6th January 2020

“Thank you very much for the role you played in our introduction. We have now wed and have started a new chapter in our lives. We are very grateful to you and your team for a job well done. “

(Evelyn from Bracknell)

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Date received: 31st December 2019

“friends first is different and will work for me to achieve my dream of getting married. I need to move on in life and your service was ideal. The thing that influenced me to join was the personalised service and the fact that I am a Christian and that it is fitting I meet like minded people. I am feeling overjoyed at the journey I have now started with friends1st. I would recommend my service to my friends.”

(Howard from Bolton)

Date received: 31st December 2019

“I have found a partner through friends1st and have obviously been very successful with my membership. I really enjoyed talking to the staff there.”

(Nina from Crowborough)

Date received: 15th December 2019

“I found the 1:1 coaching call to be a really valuable experience, it was helpful speaking with the dating expert. It was good to speak to someone who could give me encouragement.”

(Estelle from Manchester)

Date received: 10th December 2019

“I am really glad that I joined friends first and bought the Finding Someone Special toolkit, it had the answers to all my questions and gave me a lot of peace about things. I had been wondering what books to buy or whether to pay a guru for advice and the toolkit took away all the wondering and mystery.”

(Pamela from London)

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Date received: 6th December 2019

“I met Michael in February and we have been together ever since. Whilst I didn’t meet him through friends first if I had not joined I would not have been in the right frame of mind to go for it – so I have FriendsFirst to thank!”

(Julia from Yorkshire)

Date received: 12th November 2019

“Friends1st is wonderful, life-transforming and excellent service, where I have really felt supported and encouraged. I have been equipped with amazing tools, resources, coaching and skills to quickly step out of my comfort zone to achieve the success and the results I was always looking for in my personal journey in a short space of time – with massive thanks to Katherine and the Friends1st team.”

(Cordelia from Wembley)

Date received: 6th November 2019

“I was really grateful for the critique and was a really worthwhile service. I am more confident that the emails I
send out are as good as they can be.”

(Pamela from London)

Date received: 5th November 2019

“Katharine your commitment to us as a group has been tremendous. All the different facets of dating that we’ve done have been fantastic.”

(Christine from Oxford)

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Date received: 22nd October 2019

“You work so hard and I am so impressed with you. I am lucky enough to have found someone so no longer need your services. Continue with your very good and hard work.”

(Constance from Wiltshire)

Date received: 21st October 2019

“I think the contact with members of your team have been wonderful and I have never had to wait long for a response to my queries.”

(Lara from Hampshire)
Date received: 10th October 2019

“Thank you for sending me your updated Friends1st material. I see that  my recent Facebook posts in regard to the format of your product were misplaced, as friends1st is indeed a classy bespoke service that is the antithesis of online dating services. I have actually been married for the last 10 years but I have a friend who needs your services and I would like to pay for his membership fees”

(Hugo from Wootton Bassett)
Date received: 7th October 2019

” Many thanks for the opportunities that Friends First presents and it’s unique style “

(Barbara from High Wycombe)

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Date received: 5th October 2019

” I always had my doubts about joining any dating site due to previous experiences that were awful. However the need to move on was pushing me not to fear the unknown and try again. I was just surfing the internet and suddenly your website popped up!! It intrigued me and I wondered why and how did this happen. I never knew about your site, and I paused and thought could this be of God. ??

It not only answered my questions running in my mind at the time but it was a relief as I read through your site. The fact that you are Christ centered, deal with Christians only, the way you have made it possible to sieve through the fake and have committed people joining, building friendships first and the rest is history. That was amazing and was my deciding factor to take the plunge.

The continuous contact from your office, on telephone, emails has been of much help and amazing. It took me a while to join, but believe me, I recommended your services to a friend who joined before I did, that’s how much trust I had in your organisation. What really influenced me is the fact you have filtered your way of doing the dating scene and dealing with genuine people in an old fashioned way that is the best!!

The journey is still at an early stage but so far am so happy, and looking forward to what is in store as I prayerfully wait on God’s leading. I will continue to tell other singles out there who have been afraid to join dating sites because of previous experiences about your organisation, especially because of your Christian virtues and because you address each individual personally. Huge blessings. ”

(Gabriella from Middlesex)
Date received: 30th September 2019

” I am very impressed by the way Friends First have fully explained their objectives in the form of regular telephone contact and by mail. I feel sure Friends First will greatly assist me in my endeavors to find a friend. “

(Thomas from Surrey)
Date received: 2nd September 2019

“It’s been a pleasure to have registered with Friends 1st last year. I learnt a lot from my membership. I was able to meet someone and we are getting on very well. His profile was not sent to me because I had screened his age off. I would admit that I judged the profiles sent to me during my membership but thank God for the
events. That was what worked for me, we are soon to be engaged before moving in together. We are very happy and contented with each other. I have made friends from your company and have realised many are still acting like I used to act and that is judging profiles and some are even judging people during events. I’m concerned that
might keep them waiting for long. “

(Evelyn from London)
Date received: 5th August 2019

” From the my frist point of contact with friends1st It has been nice to have contact with real people who understand the importance of our Father in matters such as a relationship and have set up a network for the true believer “

(John from Bradford)

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Date received: 31st July 2019

“So far I feel the team at first first have been fantastic, so supportive and genuine. There is a genuine hotline if I ever needed it and everyone is so supportive. I feel open and honest to give the team my true feelings. Friends1st really do care about you individually. Excellent service so far and let this continue. You don’t feel left alone once you have joined up at friends first but feel as a true genuine member and want to crack on with finding someone. “

(Pete from London)
Date received: 22nd July 2019

“Wow! I’m really impressed with the profile you’ve written for me. You did extremely well to condense all the stuff I was saying on the phone onto a very fluid and grammatically excellent blurb for my strange character!
Really, thank you very much, Sarah. “

(Ross from Maidenhead)
Date received: 15th July 2019

“Its based in Britain not overseas. There is a genuine hotline if I ever needed it. Everyone is so supportive.
I feel open and honest to give the team my true feelings. Friends first really do care about you individually. Excellent service so far and let this continue.”

(Peter from London)
Date received: 8th July 2019

“My attitude was why bother.
Then I did a lot of soul searching to what I really want and it was a case of nothing
ventured nothing gained, again there was a lot of thinking.
Your staff were very supportive and welcoming made you feel so secure, I feel good as its off-line,
I am looking forward in meeting new people and being so hopeful”

(Catherine from East Lothian)

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Date received: 1st July 2019

“Thank you for the positivity of all the people who contribute to the magazine…it does inspire.”

(Elaine from Hampshire)
Date received: 24th June 2019

“At first I was sceptical about joining Friends1st because I have been a member of several introduction agencies in the past, some of which made very convincing promises but seemed more interested in taking money off you and providing a very poor service before going out of business. I once joined an agency which cost £800 promising a very personal service and I only received a few introductions and it soon went out of business. More recently I joined Nexus which again went out of business quite suddenly a few years ago.

Friends First seems to be a big improvement on previous experiences with no less than 33 profiles received in my first batch. This is probably because of my age in that there are a large number of ladies in my age group who for various reasons are on their own and are looking to replace lost loved ones.

I took the plunge to join Friends1st partly as a result of sales calls I had from you and because you stated that you had a large number of ladies of a similar age to myself on your books.
I feel there is hope for the future that I will eventually find the person I am looking for.

I would recommend your organisation to others.”

(Peter from West Yorkshire)
Date received: 15th June 2019

” Merion and I would like to say a big thank you to Friends1st, in particular, Katharine who was very encouraging to myself when I was ready to give up. Katharine said to me, “You only need one” Well I found him and we both feel truly blessed. We serve an amazing God and he proves over and over that he is in control of our lives and everything happens when the time is right. God has our lives mapped out but organisations like yours help us to meet up. Many thanks and may God continue to bless the work that you do. We would like to encourage other people who find themselves in the same position as us to keep on writing and contacting other members – you will find the right person and for us, it was when we were least expecting it.
I feel there is hope for the future that I will eventually find the person I am looking for. I would recommend your organisation to others. “

(Dawn from Merthyr Tydfil)

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