Dear Sarah Please will you pass on a huge thank you to Joe for organising the lunch at the Browns Brasserie in Reading. There was a small group there but Joe ensured everyone was made to feel very welcome. It was good to meet others from the organisation and listen to...


I enjoyed being a member of Friends 1st although I did not find any relationship from there but I am glad I got to know about Friends 1st. I also enjoyed events with Friends 1st. It was the most memorable thing I got out of Friends 1st. Thank you very much for your...


I have just taken part in the Zoom valentine’s quiz and wanted say thank you, especially to Aimee. I wasn’t sure how it would run but it gave us a chance to meet, be interactive and have fun. I hope you are able to run further quizzes


Can’t believe we met at our first event before either of us had received our first profiles, we just clicked! 


The First Date events are absolutely brilliant and I would recommend all members to try one.