I’ve been on dating sites in the past and have finally convinced myself that they’re a waste of time. I’ve cancelled my membership and profile of Dating Direct, AKA Match.com, firstly because it really is a mud on the wall job and secondly because of all the scammers. I’ve also left Over 45’s Dating because their IT doesn’t work.I’ve been talking to Jo’ on a number of occasions and she is aware of my situation. At the time I first got in contact with friends first I met a nice woman. Our first date went very well and I’ll be seeing her again on Saturday. Like me she believes in “friends first” and is fed up of all the men who just want to rush into bed with her as soon as possible. I want to see how and whether things develop between us and if we agree just to stay friends I’ll be on to your company like a shot. It’s been said many times that the Lord moves in mysterious ways. I am a part-time administrator for the Baptist Church where I’m a member and I was nagging our pastor about clearing out some of the clutter in his tray at the office. He knows I’d like to meet someone and as he was going through all the papers he passed me your leaflet “Are you finding it hard to meet your soul mate?” Without that “coincidence” I probably wouldn’t have heard of you.