Hi Ella and the Team Thank you for your assistance since I joined Friends 1st back last April. Ella’s throwaway prayer that I would “find my diamond in the rough”, back at the start of August would seem to have been instantaneously answered, in that since those August profiles were sent, I have been in regular correspondence with another member- we have become close friends.

(As long as you keep this confidential within the membership team, I can tell you that this is Maurice, otherwise known as “Mo from Ballycastle”.)

I am fairly confident now that this friendship will continue, as we both have this intention and we are soon to speak on the telephone and in the early summer plan to actually meet up- as we both have relatives living nearby.

My membership actually ends early April 2016, but I would prefer to end it now as our mutual intention is strongly set, and I do not want to waste the time of other members.

If things were not to work out, I would contact you after April 2016 to reapply. Therefore I would like my membership to end now.

I do want to thank you for all the information; your patience and courtesy on the telephone and by email, and also to say that God has used what you have shared, including in the weekly encouragement emails, to transform a little my way of thinking- I especially benefit from that quotation from Goethe, regarding God moving as we commit and move. I have seen this in my own experience.

Thank you again, and of course will continue to let you know what develops.

Best regards