“Dear Katharine, It’s about time I dropped you a line of thanks and to update you on what has happened since I first joined friendsfirst about 3 years ago. I doubt if you’d remember but I met you at a nice lunch near Gas Street Basin in Birmingham (when you’d broken your leg and were hobbling around!) and you assured me that you’d have no trouble finding me someone suitable as I had the gift of the gab (you were more polite but it was something like that). I’ve been divorced for 8 years and a single parent bringing up 2 girls. I’ve used a couple of Christian websites and some introduction agencies, and over the years have met a frightening number of people on a first meeting basis, but all of whom I knew just weren’t right. I had a couple of quite long lasting relationships with lovely Christians who lived miles away and just weren’t quite right again. My neighbour thought I was being choosy and I was beginning to believe her, but I just had a very clear vision of what it would be like when I met Ms Right. And although I really longed for a partner, I knew I would rather anything than make a mistake again. Such lovely Christian women out there, but for me I was not looking for someone I could live with, I knew it would be someone I couldn’t live without..
So along came the advert for friendsfirst in my church magazine. And to be honest my first year’s membership didn’t bring me what I was looking for, apart from a broken heart when I went out with someone who unintentionally hurt me quite badly at the end of 5 months. I would not have rejoined but fortunately I won a year’s free membership. But although I felt that the service was greatly improved with more informative profiles and pictures etc, I was so determined not to travel more than an hour that I politely and encouragingly declined most approaches, and I hardly initiated any contacts myself. After my last set of profiles arrived I felt a bit guilty that I’d written to hardly anyone in my year’s membership, so I prayed and had a close look. And when I saw Julia’s profile I thought well maybe I’ll just give this one a try, even though she lived an hour and a half away and I’d declined people about the same distance or living quite nearby. There was just something…
The rest is history as the cliche says. My last set of profiles just overlapped with her first set as a new member, otherise we would certainly have missed each other. The first day she switched on her computer to see if any of her ‘possibles’ had tried to contact her, my email was in there! We met in the very inauspicious motorway service station on the M42 as she was fetching her daughter from uni. We started going out in April and even though I knew from very early on that as far as I was concerned, she was The One, I was proud of myself for resisting proposing until nearly 7 months had elapsed. To my amazement she said ‘yes’ straightaway and we’re getting married up in Derbyshire in July 2010. She will move down here so my girls can carry on at the same school but we’ll be moving into a new house to make a fresh start together with no ‘baggage’ of memories to hold us back.
Lots more could be said, but one big thank you for all you have done for someone who didn’t really follow your guidance but simply waited for the right person… and just could not believe my blessing when she turned up! Best wishes to you and the team.”