After my wife’s death and a period of grieving, a verse of Scripture came into my head: Genesis 2:18.  ‘It is not good for the man to be alone.’  I certainly did not want to be without a wife for the rest of my life.  I had seen a small advertisement for Friends First in a magazine that I subscribe to and noted that it is an organisation for Christians, which was very important to me.  I had no experience of dating since my teens, let alone dating agencies, but felt that joining was the right thing to do.  Nothing ventured….as they say. I did look at other web sites but came back to Friends First because it is a Christian organisation.  I spoke to a very helpful lady on the telephone who helped my decision and then I joined on line. I was immediately bombarded with ‘helpful’ emails, some of which were actually helpful.  Also with optional extras that were very expensive and which I did not feel I needed.  My level of membership included a professional photographic session which was local and very good indeed.  All members should have one. I have so far received two sets of profiles.   have been surprised how many ladies have contacted me, either by email or by phone.  So many in fact that I have not had the need to make initial contacts myself.  In most cases I have had to reply gratefully and graciously but decline further communication. I have met one charming lady a few times and we are now good friends.  I met another who did not resemble her profile or photograph any longer.  (I enjoyed the dinner at least.)  And I have  a meeting with another member scheduled.  There could have been more meetings if I had the time. I am beginning to feel that there will be a successful end to my journey, though I don’t know when.  In this as in all things my rule is ‘Thy will be done’. I would recommend others to try Friends First if you are a sincere and honest Christian and are seeking the same.  Don’t expect an instant result and be prepared to put some time and effort into building relationships. Rather an honest viewpoint and not a whitewash, but I hope this is useful.  Please do not edit the script without my permission. Regards,