I spoke to Jo Marriott a few weeks before joining and she posted me out a brochure. She was helpful in reassuring me about the credibility of Friends1st and the fact that there was people my own age, including ones she thought were suitable which is one of the reasons that particularly influenced me to join. The other reasons were I was encouraged by the fact that members are legitimate, unlike some people on online dating sites and that Friends1st is successful in what it does by watching the free webinar on ‘How to find your soulmate.’ I was also attracted by free giveaway ‘finding someone special toolkit’ at the end of the webinar. When you mentioned in the free video course about the fact that there were couples in the Bible who took steps to meet each other it really resonated with me that I need to be proactive in finding someone, not waiting for them to come to me. To be honest I’m fed up with online dating sites, quite often I get messages from people I don’t feel are suitable because of age ie 72! or other reason and people you message can ignore you. It is difficult to really know whether you connect with someone online, it is a lot easier to do it the old-fashioned way, in person! I feel that with Friends1st they’ll be genuine committed Christians, particularly as they’ve invested the time and money to join. The team have been really proactive since I’ve joined and feel supported. I’m excited about meeting new people and hoping it’ll be a lot easier than online. I would recommend it to my single friends and church because I know that with Friends1st they’ll be in safe hands and I’m expecting them to have a better response than online dating.