I always had my doubts about joining any dating site due to previous experiences that were awful. However the need to move on was pushing me to not fear the unknown and try again. I was just surfing the websites for totally different searches NOT DATING and suddenly your website pops up!! It intrigued me and wondered why and how did this happen. I never knew about your site at all and wasnt surfing at different dating sites either, and I paused and thought could this be of God. ??
It not only answered my questions running in my mind at the time but was a relief as I read through your site. The facts that you are Christ centered, deal with Christians only, the way you have made it possible to seive through the fake and have committed people joining, building friendships first and the rest is history. That was amazing and was my deciding factor to take the plunge. The continuous contact from your office, on telephone, emails has been of much help and amazing. It took me a while to join, but believe me, I recommended your services to a friend who joined before I did, that’s how much trust I had in your organisation. What really influenced me is the fact you have filtered your way of doing the dating scene and dealing with genuine people in an old fashioned way that is the best!! The journey is still at an early stage but so far am so happy, and looking forward to what is in store as I prayerfully wait on God’s leading. I will continue to tell other singles out who have been afraid to join dating sites because of previous experiences about your organisation specially because of your Christian virtues and address each individual personally. Huge blessings.