I want to thank you for having created such a lovely, unique and selected “dating” Agency. More like a large Club of friends to be discovered. Before discovering You, I have searched on the Internet “reputable” dating Agency in order to meet the so long awaited soulmate, companion. Not such a thing, I have contacted dozens of ladies, trying to get to meet them. Mostly were just after the person that would look after them, some not so interested in a real friendship leading to something more permanent. It was just a demoralising experience. Then I realised that my reluctancy was mainly due because of my belief and way of “seeing” a relationship: sharing, talking, laughing, giving in some of each other. Those people were not sharing those values. I found by pure accident the advert of Friends First and I liked the description of the service they were providing: REAL PEOPLE at the telephone, REALLY helping in achieving my goal. BUT were they? An on line live chat confirmed this. I was sceptic still, the person I chatted told me they will call me in the morning. And so it was! Monday at 10:30 (what a lovely start of the week), Sacha called me. I couldn’t believe it!! That made me take the decision that I was making the right choice. She explained as everything work and I knew instantly that I was for the first time with the right people. Everything did work fast, as Sacha did promise, in no time I received the welcome pack (very useful), Photo-shoot booked, and now I am just waiting for a call from their Team to finalise my profile. All in 1 week!! I haven’t felt so positively excited for a long time, I am confident that this is it! They will try the hardest to make it happen, and I am confident they will. I would really recommend without reservation to join FriendsFirst to anyone that still believe in friendship and companionship. Just need to come to terms that for people with a busy working life, they don’t have the time to go out and find someone to go out with.