What we do

What we do at Friends1st and What makes our Christian Dating and Introduction Service unique!

We are unashamedly proud of what we do at friends1st. Basically we offer Christians a Christian dating and Introduction service that is professional, confidential, personal and very friendly – if you value these things then the friends1st Christian Dating and Introduction service is for you! You are at the core of our service, and at the heart of everything we do. We know our members appreciate the support they get from us and that this is often the factor that makes the difference in membership being a success or failure. Find out in detail what we do at friends1st below:

What the friends1st Christian Dating and Introduction service provides:

When you join friends1st we will handcraft a profile for you ensuring it puts across the essence of who you really are. You’ll receive this at the beginning of your membership along with your FREE copy of our 32 page illustrated book: ‘Top tips for making new friends and enjoying successful relationships’ and a copy of the book relevant to your marital status. When you are happy with your personal dating profile it will then be circulated to other members every month. In turn you will then receive regular mailings of other members’ personal dating profiles . You choose how frequently you want these mailings to be. These profiles contain detailed information about other members; they reveal more than people’s basic interests – you’ll read about their real personality, their faith and other things that are important to them. If you would like to see how a profile looks, see the profile here. People are selected for you on the basis that they fall within your specified age range and live as locally to you as possible. However, since this might not always be possible, we will also send you profiles of other members whom we think may be of interest to you. As a result of this many of our memberss meet new people and new friends AS WELL as meeting their ideal partner.

What you do

When you receive your profiles you then choose who to contact. If a profile captures your interest, you can make contact via telephone, email or through the post. A box number system is available, administered by friends1st, which allows you to correspond confidentially and safely without releasing your address.Throughout, you can be confident that we offer you as much support as you need at every point in your membership. The friends1st team is always delighted to offer encouragement and advice and we don’t just wait for you to call us – we actively stay in touch to ensure you are getting the most from your membership. This makes us significantly different to other Christian dating sites we are aware of where peronsal, involved and ongoing support is generally not part of the package. It’s this that we think makes friends1st one of the best, if not THE best dating sites in the UK!

What we do at friends1st in terms of how we put people together.

What we do at friends1st is provide a Christian Dating and Introduction service that helps you find the sort of Christian friends you’re looking for. We are not like an impersonal on-line dating agency or other dating sites in the UK. We believe that each person is a unique individual, and as such cannot be categorized neatly into boxes. We believe that computer ‘match-making’ does not truly facilitate people meeting the ‘right’ personal. In fact, such processes may actually restrict your choice. So instead of taking away your control, by only serving up a group of matches based on specific criteria, friends1st allows you to remain in control of who you contact and meet. What we do here at friends1st is provide you with detailed information about as many other members as possible in the knowledge that you will make the best and the right decision about which Christians you want to connect with further. We strive to give you the widest possible choice, and the confidence to take that ‘next step’ in connecting with other Christians who are looking for similar things to you.

How what we do at friends1st ensures your safety and security

What we do at friends1st is to ask all applicant members to provide friends1st with one form of identification. This can either be a copy of your driving licence or passport, or alternatively a copy of a recent bank statement or a utility bill in your name, that shows your address.

Also, for security reasons, friends1st administered box numbers, rather than addresses, are provided in the profiles. Your address is never circulated by us to any other member. If you are happy for fellow members to contact you by telephone or email, please include the details on your application form. Your address will NEVER be given out – this is ALWAYS and at ALL times kept confidential.

We can also provide members with their own personal friends1st Christian dating email address e.g John1234@friends1st.co.uk. Any emails sent to this address are automatically rerouted to your personal email address – giving you added security of not having to reveal your personal email address should you not want to.

We hold the members’ details on computer, and friends1st is registered with the Office of the Data Protection Registrar. This data is used exclusively by friends1st and will not be sold, lent or hired to any other organisation or individual. Please review our privacy policy to review how we keep, look after and manager the date you give us.

Benefits of membership (or how what we do at friends1st benefits you!)

As a member of the Friends1st Christian Dating and Introduction service, you can expect:

  • To join one of the best dating sites/organisations in the UK
  • Many opportunities to meet other people
  • No restrictions on the number of people you can meet
  • The chance to meet fellow Christians for whom faith is important
  • Choice about who you meet – we provide you with the information to make the choices you want.
  • Detailed information about other members that reveals more than their basic interests – that reveals their real personality and things that are important to them.
  • A very personalised service – you are not just a name on a computer – we know all our clients and love to support them throughout their membership.
  • The opportunity to meet people who are the right age for you – we don’t give you people who you’d say are too young or old for you although we will encourage you not to limit yourself by age
  • Confidence that the organisation is backed by churches – we’re not a fly by night operation – here today and gone tomorrow. We were established in 1999!
  • Confidence about the confidentiality and security of the information you provide to us
  • Email rerouting service.
  • UK based members only.
  • Many opportunites to make good and genuine connections with other genuine Christians
  • An organisation that people join often on the recommendation of friends who are or have been members.
  • Your own hand-crafted dating profile that really puts the essence of who you are across.
  • Detailed information about other members that lets you know who they are.
  • Support at every point of your membership – we are here to help you get the most from it.
  • An organisation which prides itself on working with integrity and honesty
  • Guidance in how to go about making or responding to the first contact.
  • Guidance about meeting people.
  • Reduced prices on our chargeable events (our member dinners and lunches are included in the membership packages)
  • Choice about how often you receive other people’s details.
  • A discreet and highly confidential service.
  • A professional service that puts you at the heart of everything we do.
  • Opportunity to upgrade your membership at any point.
  • A service which puts you in control.
  • A FREE copy of our 32 page illustrated book – ‘TOP TIPS for making new friends and enjoying successful relationships’
  • Complimentary copy of a dating book relevant to your particular marital status

People like you use the friends1st Christian introduction and dating service to find and meet new friends and soul mates. Many find a life partner through us.

Like other members before you, you will join us because you are someone who is serious about finding someone special in your life. You want to move new friendships forward –  and meet new people and meet and make new friends. We aren’t for people who are ‘flirting with the idea of dating’. You’ll recognise that this is a process – not something that can be test driven over a short period. if you are just ‘flirting’ with the idea of dating – or even just looking for a ‘casual’ relationship, then the friends1st Christian Dating and Introduction service probably isn’t right for you and you would be better off joining one of the many other dating sites in the UK or abroad – or perhaps even playing with some of the free dating sites (although we would never recommend free dating sites as such).

During your membership with friends1st you’ll receive many interesting profiles of other Christians who are in your age range – giving you lots of details about them and reasons to want to make contact. We are always here to help and encourage you to make contact and start making new friends. Our sole aim is to connect Christians together.

You’ll recognise the value of all the detailed advice, support, encouragement and assistance that is available to you if you want it. It’s this support that makes friends1st so successful for all sorts of people and has led to so many of our members getting married.

When you join friends1st (and even before that) you will be in experienced hands. You maybe nervous and we quite understand that. It is very common but really all you have to do is make up your mind to ‘go for it’, then decide which level of membership is right for you, and then let us help you get going. We promise you it will be a journey that you will find exciting and rewarding.

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What we do at friends1st is offer an outstanding service, where we provide you with a first class Christian dating experience. Our end goal is to match you to your lifetime soulmate.

what we do at friends1st

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