Relationship and Dating Coaching

Relationship & Dating Coaching

By the very nature of the friends1st Christian dating service being off-line and provided in a personal 1:1 way with telephone support for all members, our membership has always included a degree of Relationship and Dating coaching. At its most basic level Relationship & Dating coaching is someone listening to your experiences, your feelings and emotions and being a sounding board for you. At a more experienced level, it includes significant expertise in relationships, marriage and dating. The Relationship & Dating coaching we offer at friends1st is someone in the middle.

Because dating involves the opening up of yourself to another person, and all that you are, have been and might be as a person, dating is often a much more complex process that you might imagine and one that many people don’t know how to do effectively. This is where Relationship & Dating coaching can be extremely useful. Not only can it guide you  into thinking and feeling in ways that will be most beneficial to you, but it can also help you move forward in areas of your life(or parts of your background) that might be holding you back. Relationship & Dating coaching also gives you very structural support and if you want it, the accountability to do what you say you are going to do. In this respect Relationship & Dating coaching can be seen as similar to a personal trainer who helps us exercise. We are all capable of exercising ourselves or going for a run – but so few of us actually do it!

The benefits of working with someone who offers Relationship & Dating coaching include:

•    Time to focus on you and what you really want.
•    Being challenged, motivated and supported.
•    Having a safe supportive environment to discuss your issues and your ideas.
•    Accountability and commitment to reaching your personal goals.
•    Creating an easy to follow action plan with support to achieve it.
•    Coming up with a fresh approach to an old situation or problem area.
•    Unconditional support and encouragement.
•    Achieve better results in less time.

There is no absolute hard and fast 100% guarantee that having Relationship & Dating coaching will definitely result in your finding your soulmate – although the majority of our clients who use our Relationship & Dating coaching service do express that they benefit significantly from it.

However, what is guaranteed is that with our Relationship & Dating coaching, your enjoyment and confidence in dating life will grow and develop. You will reach a new understanding and dramatically improve the chances of finding what you’re looking for.

Our Relationship & Dating coaching options

  • Book a 10 minute 1:1     This is a very short time but can be used to address a specific problem.   £30

Buy Now Book a 10 minute 1:1

  • Book a 20 minute 1:1  In  20 minutes we can address more than one issue. A short plan of action can be made to help you on your way.   £60

Buy Now Book a 20 minute 1:1

  • Book a 30 minute 1:1     A number of issues can be covered in half an hour or one issue covered in more detail.   £90

Buy Now Book a 30 minute 1:1

  • Book a 60 minute 1:1    This is sufficent time to really address a problem, to explore a number of issues in detail, and /or make a detailed plan of action.   £180

Buy Now Book a 60 minute 1:1If you would like to book a series of Relationship & Dating coaching sessions please call us on 0121 427 1286 to discuss what would work best and be most appropriate for you. We look forward to supporting you in your Christian dating journey.

Our Relationship & Dating coaching and the feedback we get about it, is another reason that friends1st is one of the best dating sites in the UK.

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Relationship & Dating Coaching

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