Professional Photoshoot

Professional Christian Dating Photoshoot

Should you include a photograph or not in your Christian off-line dating profile? It is an important question and one you need to give serious thought and consideration to. And then if you decide photographs are important, then the next question is: Should you have a professional Christian Dating photoshoot done. Here’s our thoughts on the matter.

After years of having no photographs on the friendsfirst Christian Dating profiles we decided to include them. But then we found too many people were using snaps or much worse passport photographs which makes us ALL look like convicted criminals! So we decided to offer members a professional (Christian Dating) photoshoot and the impact of this has been astonishing.

First anyone who has a professional (christian dating) photoshoot done (and that is the majority of our members) has fantastic pictures put on their Christian dating profile. We are  not talking a vogue magazine cover photoshoot here – just professionally done pictures that make people look wonderfully themselves. When you meet someone who has had a professional (christian dating) photoshoot done (and obviously added the pictures onto their dating profile, you will immediately know it’s them. There are no surprises here. No turning up expecting a 25 year old and find them 40, or expecting a 45 year old and finding out they are 55.

It is our view that most of us in this country are fairly average looking. It is also our view that everyone is uniquely beautiful and it is down to the professionalism behind the camera that brings out this beauty. Snaps on our cameras or phones just don’t ‘cut the mustard’ – and that is why we use professionals to do the photographs for our members. In fact we now think that having a professional Christian dating photoshoot done is so important that it is a standard part of every friendsfirst membership offered to every member.

Our professional Christian Dating photoshoot is just one of the many reasons why friendsfirst offers one of the best dating sites (or rather organisations) in the UK.

We work with professional photographers all over the country and are regularly adding to the list of people we work with. To see a list of the professional photographers who do each individual professional Christian Dating photoshoot for us click the links below to see their websites and their work. When you join us we will put you in touch with the photographer we’ve chosen for you so you can book a mutually convenient time to have your photo shoot done.

Having a professional dating photoshoot definitely helps you to meet new single Christian men and single Christian woman. Quite simply it  makes you and your dating profile stand out.  In fact, it has been statistically proven that professionally taken photos can improve your response rate dramatically and will increase your chance of finding that special person.

If you don’t see a photographer close to you in this list, don’t worry, we’re finding professional photographers to add to our list every day and we’ll soon find one for you in your local area.

Abbots Langley / Watford & surrounding areas   Blue Orange Images
Aberhafesp / Powys   Philip Curnow
Aberdeen   Neil Gordon
Arbroath / Dundee / Aberdeen / Angus   David Douglas
Ayr   Neil Cox
Balblair   Karen Thorburn
Bangor   Ricky Parker
Barnsley   Stan Bulmer
Barnstable   Mark Fowler
Basingstoke   Sandra Sergeant
Birmingham   Stanley James
Blackpool   Paul Wilson
Blackpool   Peter Jefferson
Bolton   Dave McNabb
Boston   Paul Cato
Bournemouth   Adrian Suckling
Bovingdon   Andrew Kimpton
Bradford   David Lowdell
Brandon   Sam Pymm
Bridlington   Shane Atkin
Brighton / Shoreham by Sea   Steve Sajnog
Bristol   Martin Dabek
Bury St. Edmunds   Allison Johnson
Canterbury   Mike Blissett
Cardiff   Phil & Kathryn Edwards
Carlisle   Alan Black
Carlow   Michael Miley
Chelmsford   Hammond Photography
Chichester   Chris Butler
Chingford   Nicky Bamber
Cirencester   Helen Richmond
Claverley   Lynsey Northall
Coalville   Alistair Langham
Colchester   David Bonnington
Coventry   Mike Lenargh
Cowes   Debs Allen
Cranleigh   Jill Green
Crediton   Margaret Tucker
Daventry   Dawn Branigan
Darlington   Gordon Scott
Dunbarton   George McColl
East Grinstead   Simon Stewart
Eastbourne   Matt Hunt
Edinburgh   Anie Calvert
Elland   Dominic Dennison
Evesham   Donna Lawson
Exmouth   Daniel Fox
Fleetwood   Robert Stead
Fort William   Anthony Macmillan
Gillingham   Alan Collins
Glasgow   Jim Alderbert
Glasgow   Annette McGibbon
Gosport   Georgina Read
Gravesend   Julie Stokes
Great Yeldham / Halstead   Graham Berry
Hampton (Twickenham)   Luke Dixon
Hastings   Simon Booth
Haverfordwest   Daniel Valla
Helston   Adam Van Dorp
Hereford   David Griffiths
Hilton / Ilkeston   Daniel Bullock
Hull   David Uney
Ipswich   Paul Nixon
Isle of Skye   Gordon Willoughby
Kenninghall   Nicki Thurgar
Kidderminster   Richard Lycett
Kilmarnock   Karen Simpson
Leeds   Mark Swinford
Leicester   Micheal Stockton
Leicester   Louise Kelham
Leigh on sea   Jeff Perkins
Leiston   Dominic Whiten
Leyburn   Deborah Bowness
Leyland   Karen Riches
Lichfield   Viv Bailey
Lincoln   Adam Winfield
Littleborough   Lois Best
Littleover   Tine Badh-Drost
Llanelli   Dan Staveley
London   Sam Armstrong
Loughton   Ivan Finch
Lutterworth   William Johnston
Macclesfield   Annie Jones
Manchester   Muhammed Ali
Market Deeping   Tom Clare
Marlborough   Pete Davies
Micheldean   Phil Didcote
Middlesborough   Andy Virgili
Milton Keynes   John O’Brien
Nairn   Ian Fairweather
North Kessock   Sandy Fea
Northampton   Stuart Tippleston
Northolt   Daren Siva
Norwich   Andrew Saxton
Nottingham   Wayne Harker-Gill
Oxford   Rebecca Phillipson
Penrith   Chris Burkett
Peterborough   Ray Lightfoot
Preston   Dean Mcdonald
Pyle / Bridgend   Louis Milburn
Reading   Nick Martin
Rushall   Eileen Mason
Salisbury   Ian Southwell
Saltash   Peter Wilkins
Sheffield   Alwin Greyson
Shirley (Croydon)   Andrew Dunsmore
Shrewsbury   James Bloor
South Shields   Paul Watson
Southampton   Juliet Beckwith
St.Helens   Bill Corris
St. Ives   Mark Noall
St. Leonards   Angela Light
Stockport   Dave Laslett
Stroud   Ian Sadler
Sutton Coldfield   Sally Devlin
Swanage   Royston Woodford
Swansea   Paul Davies
Taunton   Gary Milo
Teignmouth   Leslie Othen
Thame   Pauline Yates
Tiverton   Ian Wilson
Troon   Harris Benjamin
Truro   Will Allen
Tunbridge Wells   Nick Parker
Ulverston   Chris Warner
Wallersey, Wirrall   Phil Ritchie
Wallingford   Chris Sinkinson
Weshill   Carol Leith
Weston Super Mare   Mark Taylor
Weymouth   Ed Coleman
Wigan   Craig Sharkey
Workington   Tash EJ Photography
Wythamshaw   Glenn Smith
Yateley   Lee Tuckett

Professional Christian Dating Photoshoot

Discover if we have Christian members living close to you!

“Many thanks for the excellent service you are providing. It is proving very successful for me.”

(Colin – Retired)

‘I am just ringing to say how happy I am with the service you have provided. What you are doing is really great. I have been contacted by quite a number of females some of whom I have built friendships with. I have made an effort to reply to every correspondence I have had. Please stop circulating my profile as I have made such a good friendship with Joan and I am very excited about our continuing relationship. It is like going back to my teenage years.’


“Thank you so much for your lovely Christmas blessing.   May you both be blessed this Christmas in the work you both do, providing a  service much needed for commited Christians.  May 2009 bring many new clients.”

(Avril, Nurse)

Things are now happening, and I have both corresponded with several members, chatted on the phone, and today I met one of them. Definitely an improvement from before I joined Friends1st!


“ The magazine is really helpful. I really appreciate it. I think it’s really good.”

(Lesley 63 Divorced NHS)

“It really helps when I get your calls – it makes me feel someone is out there to help me.”

(Margaret, Information Manager)

 I have enjoyed my membership and made lots of new contacts. I may return for another year at some time in the future. The personal service of staff in the office has been much appreciated.


“friendsfirst has certainly been both reputable and Successful for me. Thank you for your service. Please find enclosed a card thanking you. I am very happy with the service friendsfirst has provided”

(Chris, Company Director)

“I’m emailing to say that I’m thankful for the service that friendsfirst has provided me but I’m no longer looking to meet anyone through friendsfirst and so would appreciate you removing my profile from circulation. Some rather unexpected things have happened for me over the last 2 weeks – a good friend of mine who is also training to be a priest asked me out on a date and told me how he feels about me, which was totally surprising and lovely. And to cut a long story short we are now officially seeing each other and things look very hopeful for the future.  From my point of view, I would not have had the confidence to respond to his invitation or really have known how to communicate my feelings if it had not been for my membership of friendsfirst, which helped me get into the right mindset so I’m very grateful to you and all the team – thank you and I wish you all the best in the future and I hope I won’t need your services in the future but if things don’t work out I know that you are a good place to turn to. Many thanks and God bless.”

(Gwen, Trainee Vicar)

“It was so nice to receive a call from you to welcome me to friendsfirst”

(Pearl, Physiotherapist)

Thank you for your help and amazing service. God Bless x

(Stephanie 50)

“It was good talking to you on the phone the other day – thank you for taking the trouble to call me. Also thank you for your advice and encouragement”.

(Paul, Vicar)

I’ve used dating agencies before and in the main I’ve found them unsatisfactory. Most work on the mud on the wall method and for me this doesn’t work. Additionally there are many scammers on some agencies and I’ve been asked for money many times. I’d more or less decided to quit using such agencies when I heard of Friends First. I work in the church office and when the pastor was looking through his in tray he passed me the flyer that you’d sent to us. Immediately I saw that there was something different about Friends First. It’s not an online agency and that immediately caught my attention. Upon request I was sent details and I realised that this was right for me. God works in mysterious ways. My interactions with the company have been very good. Most of my conversations have been with Jo and she has been a joy to speak with (you can tell her I said that!). In fact all the ladies at the office have been very supportive and I needed that. Although I regard myself as being fairly confident I realised that I was about to take a big step and naturally I felt a little nervous. I feel excited and am keen to get going. I’ve just received my information packs etc and it’s amazing just how much value you’re putting into making sure members get every chance of success. Right now I’m waiting for a call from Rachel to discuss my enhanced profile and have an appointment with the photographer at the end of May for my photos to be taken. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Friends First to other Christians who would like to meet someone of the opposite sex who is also a Christian. The ethos of the company is first class and you seem determined to give members every bit of value you can. Now it’s down to me. I know I’ll get a lot of support.


Thanks to you, I would recommend you


Very polite and well trained staff with empathy and knowledge to bring people together! I especially enjoy talking to you all as I grew up in the West Midlands, and it feels very comforting/supportive. It’s like talking to good friends for me. Thanks.


“I really appreciate the personal contact from friendsfirst and the fact that you ring me. That’s really good.”

(Jo, Teacher)

“Wayne, you have such a beautiful telephone manner. I really enjoy calling and speaking to you”

(Caroline, Retired)

“I received a birthday card from you, it was really beautiful. Thank you for being so thoughtful, once again I thank you all at friendsfirst for being so thoughtful”

(Wendy, Note Summariser)

“Many thanks for sending me my profile and the very useful Top Tips book. Many thanks for your service which already impresses me much. I am very grateful.”

(Penny, Language Teacher)

Katharine, As I said to you over the phone, since my recent discovery of friends1st with such a warm welcome from Sarah and all the team, I greatly value their continuous friendly support, as well as the interesting, helpful literature.


“I find you lot very efficient if I may say, remarkable so in fact. It’s easy to lose heart doing something like this, but if the people who run it are keen and efficient, its keeps you going.”

(Rita, Homemaker)

“I have only spoken to friendsfirst a few times but you are always helpful and polite.  My emails replied to promptly and it is nice to know one is an individual and not just a number”.

(Stephen, Civil Servant)

“I’m really pleased with the service so far”

(Ray 47 Royal Mail divorced)

“Thank you for all the help and advice you gave me after I received my first set of profiles. I really appreciate your kindness and efficiency”

(Philip, Vicar)

“Your service has been good – please find enclosed my renewal fee.”

(Keith, Computer Anaylist)

I welcomed your support. Joining Friends First totally exceeded my expectations. I joined expecting nothing to happen and have had a wonderful year. Thank you for you help with this.


“Although it is very early in my membership, I feel that I have joined a really caring organisation”

(Linda, Retired)

I find all the information you give in your material and on your website very comfortable and safe. What you are doing is great.

(Sharon, Community Nurse)

“ I love talking to you. You are so understanding ”

(Diana, Auxiliary Nurse)

“I feel great – I’ve had my hair done, bought some new clothes and I’m losing a few extra pounds – membership has really made me focus on making the best of myself. I know it only takes one profile and I’m really enjoying my membership.”

(Rita, Beauty therapist)

I found my first interactions with the company to be very helpful. I am feeling very excited about the journey I have started.I would recommend your dating agency to all my single christian friends as it semms like a helpful and good company to me.


‘Thank you for being so helpful and constructive’

(Christine, Proof reader)

“I think it’s a terrific service. It’s been ideal for me since I don’t drive and yet I’ve been meeting local people. I’d lost faith in meeting someone locally, but now have struck up a riendship which I’m really thrilled about. I am full of praise for friendsfirst and particularly appreciate that it’s always there to help.”

(John, Teacher)

Are you a person who embraces the future or just continues life as you have always known it? Taking stock of your situation and creating goals for the future can be life enhancing and might even lead you to join Friends First. Do I hear you say, “a dating agency is not for me!” Well I trust you will think again. It is all well and good joining local activities where you may meet like minded folk and make friends, but using Friends First you will be introduced to selected Christian members providing a greater chance of potential compatibility. My Godson prompted me to consider joining a dating agency, after he found a wonderful bride this way. Still not convinced? Just pick up the phone and chat with the staff at Friends First, who are so friendly and helpful. I called and heard the answerphone and even though I left no message, within 15 minutes my call was returned. Once you are a member an efficient process swings into action – creating your profile with photos, for others to contact you, and receiving profiles so you can be proactive and contact potential new friends. Don’t be a stick in the mud. If you are lonely, bereaved, wanting to make new friends, or indeed hopeful of finding a soul mate and marriage partner, then join Friends First who will help you every step of the way and will bring added vitality to your life.


“Thank you for your service – its been a very good experience, which has really improved my confidence.”

(Douglas, Retired bank Manager)

I think this is a much needed service that all Christians should pursue. Friends 1st link like minded Christians together which cuts out all the headache of going down dead ends.


“Your organisation is always very friendly and approachable”

(Kathleen, Lecturer)

“You’re the most sweet listening person I’ve ever had this sort of conversation with”

(Jenny, Leader-Churches Together)

I always had my doubts about joining any dating site due to previous experiences that were awful. However the need to move on was pushing me to not fear the unknown and try again. I was just surfing the websites for totally different searches NOT DATING and suddenly your website pops up!! It intrigued me and wondered why and how did this happen. I never knew about your site at all and wasnt surfing at different dating sites either, and I paused and thought could this be of God. ??
It not only answered my questions running in my mind at the time but was a relief as I read through your site. The facts that you are Christ centered, deal with Christians only, the way you have made it possible to seive through the fake and have committed people joining, building friendships first and the rest is history. That was amazing and was my deciding factor to take the plunge. The continuous contact from your office, on telephone, emails has been of much help and amazing. It took me a while to join, but believe me, I recommended your services to a friend who joined before I did, that’s how much trust I had in your organisation. What really influenced me is the fact you have filtered your way of doing the dating scene and dealing with genuine people in an old fashioned way that is the best!! The journey is still at an early stage but so far am so happy, and looking forward to what is in store as I prayerfully wait on God’s leading. I will continue to tell other singles out who have been afraid to join dating sites because of previous experiences about your organisation specially because of your Christian virtues and address each individual personally. Huge blessings.


Katharine I was contacted by a member who was sent my profile and he said he’d seen my video profile and ‘had to contact me’! So we met up last Friday and got on well so we will probably meet up again. I feel doing the video profile is well worth doing.The club dining event in Birmingham went well – I met a couple of men I may contact in future and was asked for my number by 2 others. Maybe see you at Stratford event.


You work so hard and I am so impressed with you. I am lucky enough to have found someone so no longer need your services. Continue with your very good and hard work


“Thank you very much for being so persistent and concerned with my present/future happiness judging by the letters I receive. You seem so caring and kind helping me find someone sepcail. I know by now it’s a priviledge to belong to such an enthusiastic and loyal Christian agency despite the expense.”

(Anthony, Chef)

The organisation and support are very good, just I have not pushed to meet people very much because none of the profiles particularly attracted me and I think dating and meeting a partner are not my number 1 priority right now. I may try again later. Thank you for everything, you are a good organisation!


“All contact with your office has been good. You are kind and helpful on the telephone and it is like talking to friends!”

(Teresa, Retired)

“I would like to say that your service was very successful for me overall. Your staff were very helpful throughout my membership, and I found the profiles gave a very good account of each woman. I am sure I have found the ideal woman with whom I want to share my life – I am sure we will be an item in time.”

(Stephen, Verger)

“I am really excited about my membership as it’s going to give me the chance to meet and interact with new people and hopefully find the person I am meant to have as my life partner. I am also excited as I am stepping outside my comfort zone to do this as it’s not an avenue I’ve thought of before. The fact that this agency is only for Christians also had a massive influence on my making the choice to join as I want my partner to be a Christian so knowing that everyone who joins is makes it more of an attractive proposition. “


“Thank you for patiently listening to and discussing, my request for a few alterations to the draft enhanced profile which was, in any case, very well put together.”

(David, Housekeeping Assistant)

“the service you have provided has been great – it’s led to a happy exchange of letters with several members followed by a relationship. So thank you for the help you have your folk gave me – it was fun and allowed me to see things more clearly. I think it’s great that something like friendsfirst exists specifically for Christians.”

(Anthony 65 General Assistant single)

Hey, Sarah, I’ll say this about friends first, I see you as Gods Cupid, matching like minded Christians together in order to ignite a mutual spark of Love which could be the foundation of something very special!!! A very unique and much needed service for Christians, of any denomination. Some of us are quite shy and lack confidence in making a first move! Thank- you so much. Friends First!!!


“I have found your service both modern and professional. Thanks for your help.”

(Jillian, Technical Consultant)

“Thank you for your email Katharine it was kind of you to keep me informed. It is reassuring to know that you are concerned enough to contact us all about this.”

(Amanda, Public Services Professional)

“Thank you so much for all your help and hard work in finding me a friend. I have enclosed my first letter and I also received my first contact from another member this morning.”

(Dorothy 70 widow home help)

“It seems you do a wonderful service and we pray that it may continue, God Bless you and your work”

(Father Alphege Stebbens o.s.b.)

“You are a ‘sweetie’ – so many thanks for your speedy reply and the change to my profile … you don’t know how much you have cheered me on and given me the incentive to ‘get up and go.’ – not just yet though, but you have given me food for thought!!! Thanks for the compliment – you certainly did a brilliant job of reassuring me and this is probably something you do constantly to all the members you have the good sense to contact you!!! So many thanks again … will keep in touch – hope you do too – it’s good to know you are in there batting for me!!”

(June, Retired Manager)

“Hi Katharine, Thank you very much for this note; I am so sad that you had to send it out, but very appreciative of the care and the concern for the well-being of your members which it conveys. blessings on you as you continue with this work.”

(Patricia, Missionary)

Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing, giving opportunities to numerous Christians that would otherwise be lost, lonely and miserable. I wish you and your ministry more grace and favour in the will of The Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!


I have just joined friends1st in the last few days. My decision to join was based on the kindness and personal attention given over my indecision to join, as you feel that no one would now be interested in you now. Katherine who I believe has an equestrian Background stated ‘it’s just like when you fall off your horse, you need to get right back on, to make sure you don’t lose your confidence.” Dipping your toe back in the water is the best thing to start off a social life again which will build you up. I feel as Christians they have a heart for God in the work they do, and it is wonderful that Our Father who knows our innermost longings, desires , has placed on Katherine’s heart to start this organisation up , as it offers hope to people like me.


“Thank-you for all of your support and encouragement, you really do come across as friends”

(Mark, Retired)

“I have found it very easy to contact you. Having contact with you really personalises your service. Your service is very friendly and supportive and has given me confidence. I have found your profiles very useful. I’ve contacted very few people but have used my membership as a sign of interest, while doing some preparatory therapeutic work.  I also found your free Top Tips book very useful

(Monica, University Lecturer)

“Talking to you this morning about my profile was really helpful. You’ve really put my mind at rest.”

(Eileen, Teacher)

Thank you for listening, I feel you have really heard my queries and I feel at ease. You are really easy to talk to.


I have been enjoying receiving your selection of profiles. The one on March 1st 2010 was sad, because I read you were recovering from a broken ankle. I never forget your welcome to friendsfirst, a year ago and this card is for you to tell you to get well soon. Thank you very much and goodbye.

(John, Trackworker)

“Your service has been very good. friendsfirst has been very helpful for me, and its been good to meet and talk to new people.”

(Andrew, Computer Analyst)

“Thank you for the chat about my membership and profile. It was helpful and encouraging.”

(Elizabeth, Nurse)

I am happy with the service received from friends first and would recommend friends first to any christian seeking a friendship/relationship


All contact with your office has been good. You are kind and helpful on the telephone and it is like talking to friends! Concerning the profiles, they do generally give good information. But its only by actually speaking on the phone that we find out if they could be compatible.

(Fiona, Retired secretary)

Thank you for the lovely chat today on my coaching call. I so appreciated your feedback. In agreement I had a long telephone call tonight to (name withheld) and we have agreed not to see anyone else. It is still early days but we are in agreement that we have a relaxed relationship. It is also fun, spiritual, balanced, Christ-centered and has potential. We are aware that we have a long way to go. We see it as dating to see if this could go to marriage. There would be nothing wrong if we discovered that we were not going to marry as that is the purpose of courtship. We both feel we have never had a relationship like this. So seeing someone else is out of the question at this time. Thank you for mentioning that you will phone again sometime. I would love that. I appreciate your questions and feedback. In the multitude of counsellors, there is wisdom. Your accumulative experience in helping so many people is vast. I am very thankful that I may receive this kind of support. So I would like to put my involvement in receiving profiles and sending profiles on hold but I am glad that I still have the support of Friends 1st. Should (name withheld) and I decide that we are not for each other I may resume participating on Friends 1st. I have never met as many quality Christians in one go as I have on Friends 1st. I have corresponded with, phoned and met lovely people. Well done to Katherine, yourself and all the team at Friends 1st, as we would never have met if you had not introduced us. Appreciate you. Thank you


Sarah was able to give some really useful advice regarding questions to ask on a date, interests to take up which may help me meet someone outside of FriendsFirst, she was also able to answer my questions well.


“Your service has been the best thing to happen to me for a long time. A long awaited service.”

(Peter, Vicar)

“I am so very appreciative of friendsfirst for giving me confidence. I was terrified I first joined but that has all changed now – I’m over that and now very happy to meet people which I’m doing and things are going really well.”

(Claire, Lecturer)

‘your customer service is excellent’


May I just say how wonderful your team are. They’ve all been so helpful. They’ve got back to me at regular intervals and they take a real interest in my progress. I feel so supported. Joining you and doing this was so new to me and I didn’t know what to expect. Now I’ve a whole new world that’s opened up to me.


“‘I have been in touch with several members and I’m thoroughly enjoying my membership. Many thanks for your help and for doing a great job with friendsfirst. I love the inspirational blog too!”

(Jenny, retired teacher)

“I am writing to put down my thoughts on the service you and Patricia provide and also how I, as a new member, am finding it.  Over the last ten years since the death of my husband I have had a lot of experience of both internet and offline dating organisations where you could talk to someone at the other end of the phone. Internet dating brought me nothing but grief and the people I met through the others weren’t much better. But frankly, I had completely given up all hope of even meeting people with whom I could be myself, let alone finding a life partner at my time of life. Then one day I went into our local Anglican church and saw your leaflet, and I felt led to phone you. Your organisation is completely different from anything I’ve ever been involved in.  I have only just had my second set of profiles, but I have found already that the gentlemen I speak to all seem very genuine, courteous and real Christians. And, if they are already going out with someone, they are completely honest about it and we go on to talk about their experiences at friendsfirst. I haven’t yet had a meeting with anyone – this was my choice, not theirs. But meetings are in the planning stages. For the first time in my dating agency experience I am meeting gentlemen who not only have interests in common with me, but whom I get along with personality-wise.  I have discovered that some people are disappointed because the matches they receive live miles away, and this for them doesn’t work. I am finding that, even if people make a point of writing in their profile that they would prefer to meet someone who lives nearby, if they find someone they feel they have ‘chemistry’ with, they want to make the effort to see where it could lead. I myself find it very interesting to talk to as many people as possible, because in that way I discover more about myself and the kind of person I would really feel comfortable with. I also pray that the Lord will guide and direct me, but I have to be proactive myself. And then who knows? Finally, but certainly not least, thank you Katharine and Patricia, for being the helpful voices at the end of the phone, particularly when I was reduced to a fit of giggles over difficulties with the technology of the Discussion Forums

(Anne, Freelance writer)

‘Many thanks Jackie for putting me at ease immediately’

(Yvonne 50 seperated)

“You’ve been amazing diligent on my behalf. Thank you for being so proactive.”

(Jeremy 44 single)

“I like the way you operate, it’s really official. You really protect everyone and it’s a very professional service.”

(Comfort 64 widowed)

I felt joining you was the best option as I’ve already exhausted other ways of seeking a permanent partner and appreciate the personal touch of your organisation which is why I would recommend your service to anyone seeking the ‘1’.


Love the magazine (Cloudnine), I read it from cover to cover, and then read it again!!

(Eileen 68 Single)

“Both Katharine and Dawn have given excellent service.  Their support really gave me reassurance throughout my membership.

(Peter 62 Divorced university admin worker)

“I found being able to talk to you personalises the service – the contact with your staff has been friendly and supportive and has given me confidence.”

(Angela, University Lecturer)

“I am very impressed with the efficiency of friendsfirst”


Thank you for your encouragement. I did lose heart at one point as you know and complained about the profiles of ladies so far away. I’m not sure what spurred me on when Ann ‘phoned me. Up to that point she was the nearest, apart from a lady in Liverpool. I almost chickened out at one point but as it turned out we had so much in common and dare I say it was love at first sight. Now we can’t see enough of each other. She’s a lovely Lady and I can’t wait to marry her.


“You’ve been superb-Thank you! Signing up to friendsfirst enabled me to get in the mood for dating and to be more confident- without that confidence boost I wouldn’t have been able to go on a date with my now fiancé who wasn’t a member of friendsfirst. I think I would’ve been too scared to say yes to a meal out with him, but having been on a few dates through friendsfirst prior to meeting him, gave me courage to enjoy it! And to say yes! Thank you so much.”

(Catherine, Pt secretary)

I like that this organization has its foundation based on the principles of God’s Word.


Thank you for doing such a great job – I’m so grateful that something like friendsfirst exists. I hope and trust that God is holding and keeping and blessing you in what you are facing, and that you are encouraged by his faithful Holy Spirit. Enjoy the warmer Spring days.

(Julie, PA)

“All your advice is helpful. Your contact is good and its very worthwhile doing.”

(Theresa, Local govt Officer)

“Thank you also for the helpful manner in which I have been treated when I phone for help”

(Felicity, Special Needs Teacher)

“Your service has been excellent – you have always answered my questions and request for assistance promptly and effectively. Please find enclosed my renewal fee.”

(Rose, School Teacher)

Thank you for all your encouragement, letters etc. The work you do brings so much new happiness to many, and I hope that continues for many years to come.

(Julia, Administrator)

I found the 1:1 coaching call to be a really valuable experience – We set a goal


It been a while that I have been in touch, time flies. It has been great being a member of friend1st and will like to thank you for the profiles and encouraging emails.


”I’m really interested and pleased with the friendsfirst service. It’s excellent , I think. I’m just about to follow some things through now”

(Kirsty, Nursery School Head Teacher)

“I’d like to renew again please. I’ve been a member now for 4-5 years and had 3 good relationships with people I have met through friendsfirst. I’m hard to match perfectly but find your service very useful. You’re doing a great job in difficult circumstances.”

(Sharon, Teacher)

“Thank you for this information. It is good to know that as an organisation you are concerned for the well being of members and will take any steps you feel are necessary to ensure that this continues. Thank you for all that you do both for myself and others.”

(Margaret, Social work manager)

“It’s been good talking to you – it’s given me a lot of confidence.”


“I did not know what to expect from your service – and have been pleasantly surprised. Thank you for your assistance over the year.”

(Susan, Community Nurse Manager)

Lauren was very helpful and I loved the profile she sent me


“Dear Katharine, Thank you for revising my profile, it’s as I want it now!  It was good to have a conversation last night. You are very encouraging, for what is quite a daunting undertaking for many of us!  I do hope you will feel more fit and able soon, after being unwell. Best wishes”

(Jan, Nursing sister)

“Thank you for all the hope I was given by Friends First which enabled me to succeed rather late in life.”

(Robert, Company Chairman)

“What you are doing is good stuff. It’s darn good system. I really value what you say in your magazine.”

(Jeremy single vicar 45)

“Many thanks once again for giving me an interesting year and for your positive support and encouragement.”

(Kathryn 46 single primary school teacher)

“Dear Katharine, this time yesterday I was on my blind date and met John. Thank you for arranging it. I did not expect anything, was actually more negative about it than positive. As I came into the railway station I went to toilet and as I came out of the location I noticed this tall Gentleman standing around the area I thought to myself: I would not mind a date with this gentleman but moved on to where I had to meet my blind date.  Quite soon this John came to the area and asked me was I ….. Yes, I was ….. My first impression of him was absolutely good – of course I had no idea who this Man was …. On reflection, knowing now a little about him; I have to say that I admire him for standing there to meet an unknown women …This is the best I have met so far and I personally took instant liking to him. I do feel that we had an easy/relaxed 2-3 hours together walking, sharing and eating.  He gave me his personal communications details … saying I will pray about it … etc…I obviously do not know what his responce is to this meeting but I do sense that he was fairly relaxed … and he has given me his detail. Thank you.”

(Virginia, Retired)

“Hi Katharine, I think your 7 deadly sins are absolutely fantastic! Thank you very much. If it all came from you, then I must say you are a very clever lady!!

(Harry, Security Guard)

So many thanks for all your kindness and help.  I shall certainly publicise your service to my many single friends. Wishing you and all the team at friendsfirst – A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.

(Terry, Beauty Therapist)

Friends first is well organsied and staff are always available to reply to emails immediately or as soon as they can. I have confidence in friends first


‘I just want to say thank you for your kind letter you sent me recently. I’m sure something of the kind of person you are came through it, and if there is anybody out there with anything like your spirit for me, I would be only too glad to meet her. It might seem a rather silly thing to say to someone I’ve never met, but I’m sure you will have a big impact on people you write to and who get in touch with you through friendsfirst. Anyway thank you again and for persuading me to take the plunge.’

(Gordon, Fitter)

“Thank you for your help and courtesies whenever I talk to friendsfirst”

(Brian, Property Management)

Your Welcome pack was much appreciated. I have found it useful to read through: It gave me great confidence in friendsfirst as an organisation: Was great getting the book and knowing other members are encouraged to read it, so are likely to be on similar pages, although I must admit I haven’t had time to read it through yet.


‘I think where a service such as this is concerned, the personal touch is important. I have felt that a personal interest was being shown, any request was acted on quickly and I have been able to discuss certain matters. I also took encouragement from your covering letters with the profiles.  My experience has overall been very positive.’

(Chris, Lawyer)

Good morning Katharine, I have watched her you video it is very interesting I will differentially be giving a lot more people a chance my trying to meet up and get to know them have a nice day.


Thank you for your email.. I am very much looking forward to our next Dating Academy meeting on November 3rd! Meantime, I have been wanting to ask you if it is possible for us to have contact with previous speakers. I was very moved and impressed with our session led by Michelle Taylor and would like to make contact with her, if this is appropriate, possibly by email, telephone, or her address, either personal or through the church where she ministers. Thanks very much for this. I found her ministry to us all so helpful and uplifting. I am looking forward to seeing you and the others next weekend. Thank you for all that you do for us!


“Your service has been good. It has been a wonderful experience to fellowship with other believers. I thank you for your services throughout the year. I have chosen not to continue with my membership, not because of any disappointment or dissatisfaction. I wish friendsfirst every continued success, as I do its members, and remember that as Christians, we all continually pray for each other.”

(John, Chartered Surveyor)

“friendsfirst does provide a very good service indeed”

(Martyn, Railway employee)

Thank you for your professionalism and understanding.

(Wendy, Carer)

“I am very encouraged by the service you offer.  It makes me feel that there could be a real chance of meeting someone special! “

(Susan 53 divorced)

“The quality of people you send me and the whole ethos of friendsfirst I am very very comfortable with”.

(Susanne, PA to Director)

“Thank-you for phoning me and for your very thoughtful response to the issues I have raised. I offer all my best wishes for your work”

(Thomas, Vicar)

Thank you for the excellent books enclosed with my binder

(John 65 Divorced)

“It was lovely speaking to you both today, I feel more confident about using the service, and re-assured that I am going to make some new friendships which will change the whole course of my life. Thank you for your vision and inspiration in establishing such a wonderful way of meeting new friends and building fresh relationships’.

(Sarah, Business Development Mgr)

Chris rang in and said he wasn’t going to be using his membership any more as he was now ‘in a relationship’. He knew it was an excellent service and he wanted to thank us.


I’m so impressed with your service so far, you’ve all been wonderful and so prompt. Thank you so much.


“I have only spoken to friendsfirst a few times but you are always helpful and polite.  My emails replied to promptly and it is nice to know one is an individual and not just a number”.

(Stephen, Civil Servant)

“Thanks for the great service you are providing with friendsfirst.”

(Charles, Ecologist)

Many thanks for the opportunities that Friends First presents and its unique style.


“Please accept my cheque to renew my membership. I’ve got the courage now I never had in my 20’s and 30’s. You provide a good service.”

(Ruth, Secretary)

“Thank you for your service. Your contact with me has been good, and I have been pleased to be able to talk about the way you work. Your staff have been helpful in answering questions. I found your profiles very good – I contacted 4 and had 4 lovely replies, one of which quickly became a very special and most wonderful friend whom I am seeing regularly.

(Cedric, Church minister)

Thank you for your support and telephone call. I did appreciate it.


“All your team are so very friendly and helpful”

(James 49 County Cork)

“Thank you very much for the Birthday card you send me, what a lovely surprise! May God bless you”

(Judith, Minister)

My attitude before I joined you was why bother. Then I did a lot of soul searching to what I really want it was a case of nothing ventured nothing gained again there was a lot of thinking. Your staff was very supportive and welcoming made you feel so secure, I feel good as its off-line. I am looking forward in meeting new people.


“Thanks for all your helpful ideas at friendsfirst and for all that you do”

(Margaret, Community Development Worker)

Thanks for all your support Lauren, and offer of help through this vulnerable time.


“Thank you for your help and encouragement!”

(Noreen, P/T secretary)

I had a dream that someone cared about me and put their arm around me and said – it will be Ok. It was the first positive dream I remember for over 4 years and that same morning as a Minister I received a mailing from Friends 1st asking me to promote the company. I looked at it and felt God was saying it was for me not just others and I phoned straight away and spoke to Katharine. I was impressed to be talking to the director of the company immediately and felt at ease and told her I felt I should be joining. She put me at ease and encouraged me to go for it – I agreed there and then to go ahead. I fee excited about the start of this journey and see it as part of a step towards the rest of my life. I want to encourage others to take this step and will promote Friends first though my church contacts.


Cloudnine is excellent!

(Renato 55 single)

I value your advice a lot, friends1st is very proactive in getting in touch with me


Thank you so much Katharine, that’s been very helpful to say the least. I do find it difficult as a man with Aspergers to get the confidence to talk properly and not to allow my disability to get in the way of finding the one, it is as they say the Elephant in the room. I just want to say thanks for giving me the opportunity with your help to find my soulmate whom I can call my wife. I watched the Youtube video of Matt, the man rendered deaf after contracting Meningitis and the story of how he met his wife through friends1st and that’s given me so much courage to go out there and try again. (NB Emlyn is now married to Stephanie who he met through us!)


“You have all been very very helpful.”

(Joy 50)

I have found Friendsfirst to be an excellent medium for contacting ladies of whom I was proactive in contacting. I was also encouraged that a few ladies contacted me. I found them very polite and thanked them for being proactive and encouraged them to remain proactive after being honest with them that I was seeing a lady. I will not hesitate in rejoining Friendsfirst if I am not successful in my current relationship. I wish your organisation every success for the future and the good work you do for single people. I will not hesitate in recommending Friends to people I meet who I think would benefit. My sincere thanks.


Thank you very much for the number of contacts I received this month, with the various ages. I am so pleased – it lifted my spirits up. Thank you very much. I will put down on my prayer list that the Lord will supply you always with new members and enough people to go round – to bless your work in bringing people together.

(Lizette,  Advisor for volunteering)

I have found your service outstanding. The best news is that Beverley and I were married on 21st August 2004, having met through friendsfirst on 30th April – 16 weeks before. Our year has been a whirlwind of romance. Bev has moved 25 miles out of Bristol to live with me. This has enabled me to continue as vicar. Our offspring have had to get used to our marriage but they have done really well.Thank you for the good suggestion that I should write to everyone on that first mailing I had from you. For Three or four weeks it seems like nothing would go well as various dates were made and cancelled with other people, but then Bev came home from holiday to my letter. She rang me and very soon after that we met. I proposed to Bev on our second date and ‘the rest is history’! Bev says ‘Cheers for sending me Bernard because I was too lazy to write to anyone else!!” She also says she realizes this will make you wonder why she bothered to join friendsfirst but she did it to keep her mother quiet!!! With very best wishes for the future of friendsfirst.”

(Bernard and Bev)

Firstly, I thank God for helping me to find your organisation while i was searching for Christian dating organisation on google. Secondly a big thank you your staff for their professional service in explaining how the whole process works. Especially when Sharon contacted me again about few weeks ago and she really explained the whole process to me in such a way that I really understood it and the video clip of the award that you won did inspired me as well to join. Thanks to each member of staff that I have been communicating with who has been excellent. I will recommend your service to others in search for friendship and relationship.


“Jackie Thanks very much for your calls.  Being able to speak to someone made all the difference.  I have sent off my application/profile details; and look forward to what my membership of Friends First might bring.”

(Susan new member)

“So very many thanks for all your help and advice to date. As I said before you have been a great encouragement to me; it makes such a difference to have someone who really understands and is batting on my side, as well as being fun to deal with. Thank you again and very much appreciated. We will see what 2011 brings.”

(John, Acquisitions)

Just reading “Calling the one” by Katherine Woodward Thomas as recommended by you. Only on second week so far, hence along way to go but am finding it really useful and thought provoking. Don’t know if I’ll still be saying this in a few weeks so thought I’d email now!! Thanx for suggestion, I’m taking my time and doing exercises suggested. It’s time consuming but useful It’s valuable on so many levels.


“I have not renewed my membership this year. This is because I have started to see someone (who I met through friendsfirst) regularly. It may be that the postal strikes have held up the letter but I just wanted to check that my profile is no longer being sent out to anyone? Thank you for the service you provide and I hope it goes from strength to strength.”

(Anne, Primary school teacher)

“Thanks for the birthday card I received for my birthday, it was a total surprise and it really shows what a fantastic team you are because I don’t receive many cards these days”

(Juliette, Factory Worker)

“I found my profile very well done indeed. There is only one thing lacking, something about my profession. I would like it to be added to my profile -it should say that I am a doctor, working currently in a private sector and I find my job very rewarding and fulfilling. Apart form that everything seems to be fine. Thank you so much for the kind way you have treated me and all the encouraging words.”

(Ann, Doctor)

“Dear Katharine,  Thank you for the revised profile.  I was amazed at the detail that you recorded!  I think you have made a good job of it.”

(Terry, Schools support work)

“I think that yourself and your team do a lot of good work and help many Christians find friends of the opposite sex with whom they can get on well”

(Roy -Tax Adviser)

“I am eternally grateful to your company for this unlooked for opportunity to start the ball rolling to find my soul mate.”

(Janita,  Curtain  maker)

“I am eternally grateful to your company for this unlooked for opportunity to start the ball rolling to find my soul mate.”

(Janita, Curtain maker)

“I never needed to talk to you during my 2 years of membership but it was really helpful to know that I could talk to someone if I needed to. I have emailed a few times and always had prompt replies. I’m very pleased with the service I received, and my experience of otherfriendsfirst members has been very positive. I found all your guidance very useful. I also found other members profiles very useful and in Nov 06 I met someone and we have been going out since then. I have recommended friendsfirst to all my single friends. The man and I are getting on really well and are seeking God about our future. Thanks so much for introducing us!

(Diana, Customer Services Advisor)

I was sceptical about joining a dating agency as I have had no luck in the past with them. I believe friends first is different and will work for me to achieve my dream of getting married. I took the plunge because I need to move on in life and your service was different than most dating websites provide. The thing that influenced me to join was the personalised service and the fact that I am a Christian and that it is fitting I meet like minded people. Not had any interactions with the company as of yet. I am feeling overjoyed at the journey I have now started with friends1st. I would recommend my service to my friend Des who is also a good Christian.


“Thanks Katharine. I am really grateful for all the help you gave me when I first joined friendsfirst. My life has improved a great deal since then. The encouragement you gave me was a great help on the way.  Look after yourself”

(Terry, Lecturer)

“You guys are absolutely fantastic – the best of all the agencies – I would like to renew my membership please.”

(Noel, Prison officer)

‘You offer a professional service that is well executed.”

(Lesley, Specialist)

“I think the service is a very good one. It helps me to maintain integrity in my personal life. It was the thing I was waiting for and I’m really pleased to be part of it.”

(Simon, Nurse)

“Thank-you so much for the wonderful service that you offer to single Christians”

(Tom, Waiter)

Thank you for the card you sent Lauren, I really appreciate everything you and Lizzie do!


“Thank you for suggesting a photoshoot with a professional photographer. I would recommend this to anyone who like me is particularly camera shy to go for it! I was extremely nervous about the whole idea right up to the moment I met my photographer, Alistair Cowin. Firstly I was amazed he lived around the corner from me. Then he immediately put me at ease, so much so that I was almost unaware while we chatted away, of pictures being taken. I’m more than pleased with the results that I feel show me rather than an artificial posed image.”

(Christine Worcester 64)

I feel quite hopeful of gaining new understanding on how to change my current outcomes in this journey I am on. I have decided that if God has a black Christian man for me, He has the power to bring him through Friends 1st.
I would recommend a friend so they can gain some new insight on how to achieve better outcomes to receive a life partner.


“You and Julia have been so nice to me. You haven’t pressurized me into joining but have let me take my own good time which I have done.”

(Preston, Retired)

“Thank you very much for my birthday card, which was extremely thoughtful of you, much appreciated and a great choice”

(Carol, Physician)

“You are so unlike other organisations who just want £££ – you are a very friendly bunch”

(Martyn, Signwriter)

“You always sound so cheerful on the ‘phone.”

(Sandie, full time mum)

I have been enjoying receiving your selection of profiles. The one on March 1st 2010 was sad, because I read you were recovering from a broken ankle. I never forget your welcome to friendsfirst, a year ago and this card is for you to tell you to get well soon. Thank you very much and goodbye.


The staff are very welcoming and always are helpful when I phone etc, they appear to be like a family, rather than a company. I did speak to one of the membership managers before I joined, I think it was Sasha. She gave me information about the different memberships and which one might be good for me. I then was able to make my own decision. I would recommend your service to others and will do as I get more into the process etc.


“Your service is most friendly and polite. I think it is an excellent service. Please renew my membership.”

(Fran, Manager)

“Just to say I did go on blind date with Tony on Saturday. A good experience – he is a lovely man and we had a good chat. I said I would be happy to go to cinema or such like with him. However he did not indicate wanting to meet again which is fine – I think we are not long term relationship material for each other. However, It was so helpful and fun to meet someone I wouldn’t otherwise have chosen. Please could you arrange another blind date for me?!  Will send payment in next couple of days.”

(Kay, Social worker)

“I have appreciated the friendly telephone and email contacts which have helped me to overcome the nervousness of doing something different on my own”

(Gillian, Ballet Dancer)

I have had a really great experience with friends1st. I would not be in the position I now am, in a relationship with a dear friend who is a Christian without your help, and the confidence it gave me. Thank you


“I appreciated being able to talk to member of staff in person because you give good advice.”

(Sarah, Retired Civil Servant)

“Can I thank you for an excellent service you provide and can I thank you for a most enjoyable year.”

(Paul, Retired)

Thank you so much, you have been brilliant, thank you again


“THANK YOU so much for the trouble that you are going to – it speaks volumes of your commitment to your service and I appreciate it very much.”

(Ruth, College Lecturer)

Very happy to say something about what I think so far – although it seems early days. But I have been impressed with the attention paid to my joining and the sense of support I have had. I re-joined having had a brief spell of membership years ago. You obviously kept me on your database, despite my ignoring regular mailings. I moved house in September but then received an invitation to rejoin which appeared to have been addressed directly to my new address – perhaps it was just my perception and it was in fact re-directed – I’m not sure now, but it was enough to make me consider membership again seriously. It also came at a time when I have been asking God to provide me with a man – seriously. Previously life has seemed to be too full of other committments and although finding a soul mate seemed a great idea, I was uncertain that it fitted in with the rest of my lifestyle. My lifestyle has changed and in the process I seem to have moved to asking God directly for a lifetime partner – seriously enough to have asked others to pray with me!

Although I filled in the application I was sent, I wanted to look at the website first, and got the pop-up – “Would I like to chat” from Jeremy. That’s when things really got started. Since then I have had an online chat with another member of the team – whose name escapes me – but who was very helpful. I think it has helped to express to some of your team where I am at and some of what experiences I have had with interested parties of the opposite sex in the past. I am feeling that now is the right time in my life to put serious time and money into a search for a soulmate. It’s been a long time coming as I am now 57 – but I have been encouraged by the example of a couple I know in the local church who demonstrate a wonderful loving partnership having met late in life – one of them my age, and the other in his late 70s. Reading about those who have found a spouse through your services and seeing their pictures – they are obviously not in their youth! – has encouraged me that I still have opportunities to meet that someone and in the meantime make other friends who believe in the Lord as I do.

I do have friends who are also single – and may recommend you to them in time. For the moment I have just shared with a few that I have joined. I have mentioned that I have spent some serious money and for some of my friends, this may not be an option.


We thought you would like to know,that we got married 7 weeks ago, just over a year after meeting though Friends First. We would like to thank you so much for introducing us.


“Indeed I was very pleased to receive the profiles you sent me. Thank you also for your letter and the template for guidance, taken together with the previous generally more extensive instructions, they were most useful to me. Thanks to you and your staff for what you have evolved and for the hard work you must do. Blessed you are and I hope you will continue and flourish in the name of the Lord.

(Roger, Govt surveyor)

“I have found your service professional, prompt and helpful. Please renew my membership – I have been very encouraged by the contacts and friendship I have made and my membership has been successful so far!’

(Norman, Curate)

“I have found your service very good and very helpful.”

(Amanda 56 Divorced)

I’m just ringing to say Patricia was just wonderful to me on the phone. I know a lot about customer services and she is a great credit to your organisation. She was very gentle, very informative and very accommodating.

(Janice, Norfolk)

I spoke to Jo Marriott a few weeks before joining and she posted me out a brochure. She was helpful in reassuring me about the credibility of Friends1st and the fact that there was people my own age, including ones she thought were suitable which is one of the reasons that particularly influenced me to join. The other reasons were I was encouraged by the fact that members are legitimate, unlike some people on online dating sites and that Friends1st is successful in what it does by watching the free webinar on ‘How to find your soulmate.’ I was also attracted by free giveaway ‘finding someone special toolkit’ at the end of the webinar. When you mentioned in the free video course about the fact that there were couples in the Bible who took steps to meet each other it really resonated with me that I need to be proactive in finding someone, not waiting for them to come to me. To be honest I’m fed up with online dating sites, quite often I get messages from people I don’t feel are suitable because of age ie 72! or other reason and people you message can ignore you. It is difficult to really know whether you connect with someone online, it is a lot easier to do it the old-fashioned way, in person! I feel that with Friends1st they’ll be genuine committed Christians, particularly as they’ve invested the time and money to join. The team have been really proactive since I’ve joined and feel supported. I’m excited about meeting new people and hoping it’ll be a lot easier than online. I would recommend it to my single friends and church because I know that with Friends1st they’ll be in safe hands and I’m expecting them to have a better response than online dating.


Friends First is a Christian organisation that is not on line. I think online dating has become increasingly dangerous and wanted something safe. I have confidence in the Friends first approach from the webinar and website. I’m very happy with the book by David Robertson and your other encouraging information in the pack. Jo spoke to me on the phone she was respectful about the fact it was difficult for me to speak during the working day and Jo is positive and patient. I was finding it difficult to meet people and I like the fact I am not embarking on this adventure alone I feel support from a team of people who want the best for me and also the other clients they are supporting what a wonderful witness.


“I’m very grateful to Friends First, I’ve always found it a very professional service, and if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have met my fiancé. I’m very grateful as living in Essex I would never have met someone from London. The power of prayer on both our sides, praying in the will of God to get married at the end of it meant God used a computer for to meet someone. If it wasn’t for you we’d have missed out” –

(Tony 66 Retired)

I would recommend friends first very helpful and friendly 


“Thanks for your continuing efforts in encouraging active, caring membership and friendship.”

(Elizabeth – Local Government Officer)

“I think you run a very professional service and a much needed resource for Christians trying to form new friendships/relationships. I really do think you’re doing a vital work for the Kingdom here and love reading your members’ stories!”

(Robina, Administrator)

“Thanks for your reply to me from our phone conversation, you sound like a great bunch of people doing a great job!!’


“You have been very good at providing a personal service.”

(Diane, Life Coach)

Katharine & Sarah on the hotline have been helping a great deal yeah ***** FIVE STAR.


“I have finally made contact with Steve. Thank you for your encouragement not to give up.’

(Ellina, Teacher)

“Please suspend my membership – God has brought a lovely Christian women into my life. There’s none more surprised than me, but I know He keeps his promises even if sometimes we have to wait many years – His timing is always right. Thanks for an excellent service and keep up the good work!”

(Joseph, Paramedic)

“What a lovely surprise to receive a birthday card from you kind folks!! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness – I really appreciate it very much”

(Maureen, Civil Servant)

“All your literature is so nice it reminds us that Christians have nice manners as well. I have very much enjoyed my conversations with Patricia. Wish Patricia well from me.

(Birgit, Supervisor of Spiritual Directors)

I want to thank you for having created such a lovely, unique and selected “dating” Agency. More like a large Club of friends to be discovered. Before discovering You, I have searched on the Internet “reputable” dating Agency in order to meet the so long awaited soulmate, companion. Not such a thing, I have contacted dozens of ladies, trying to get to meet them. Mostly were just after the person that would look after them, some not so interested in a real friendship leading to something more permanent. It was just a demoralising experience. Then I realised that my reluctancy was mainly due because of my belief and way of “seeing” a relationship: sharing, talking, laughing, giving in some of each other. Those people were not sharing those values. I found by pure accident the advert of Friends First and I liked the description of the service they were providing: REAL PEOPLE at the telephone, REALLY helping in achieving my goal. BUT were they? An on line live chat confirmed this. I was sceptic still, the person I chatted told me they will call me in the morning. And so it was! Monday at 10:30 (what a lovely start of the week), Sacha called me. I couldn’t believe it!! That made me take the decision that I was making the right choice. She explained as everything work and I knew instantly that I was for the first time with the right people. Everything did work fast, as Sacha did promise, in no time I received the welcome pack (very useful), Photo-shoot booked, and now I am just waiting for a call from their Team to finalise my profile. All in 1 week!! I haven’t felt so positively excited for a long time, I am confident that this is it! They will try the hardest to make it happen, and I am confident they will. I would really recommend without reservation to join FriendsFirst to anyone that still believe in friendship and companionship. Just need to come to terms that for people with a busy working life, they don’t have the time to go out and find someone to go out with.


I do think your agency is the best one around


“Please find enclosed some letters with stamps and Box Numbers for forwarding to potential suitors. Thank you for a First Class and brilliant means by which us ‘singletons’ can connect with other-like minded Christian singles.


I was sceptical about joining a dating agency as I have not been on the dating scene for over 34 years and at the age of 61 felt over the hill! After hearing so many negative reports with regards to on-line dating, I decided that friendsfirst looked the better option. During my membership with friendsfirst I have spoken to most of the staff and have found them to be helpful and encouraging and this, at the outset, gave me the confidence to sign up with yourselves.I attended my first venue in Warwick and found it a very positive experience, Jo did a wonderful job in helping you feel comfortable and making sure everybody had chance to chat to all the members. I would certainly recommend yourselves to others in the same situation.


I found your advice on being proactive a new concept and thought  the comments about introducing people you like to friends and family very wise. Thank you for contacting me.


I have had an OK experience with my friends1st, I say ok because I never took full advantage of the service I had. So the failure is mine. Your staff are really friendly and helpful. I spoke mainly to Trish, very nice lady.


“The service you offer is far superior than others I’ve come across on the internet.”


“Thank you for your sensitivity. I can also see that your organization is totally genuine as I know one of the couples that have got married through you and are on your website.”

(Valerie, Church worker)

“I have found you easy to contact, your phone calls friendly, and the stories of others very encouraging. Overall your service has been excellent. I haven’t been active this year due to my job and disabled mother, but I plan to be a pro active member next year and will recommend you to my friends.”

(Margaret, Teacher)

“I found the contact with your staff helpful – it made my membership more personal – I was not just a box number! I’ve found it very exciting to receive so many profiles during the year. Thank you! I have had a good number of positive contacts either by phone or letter, both from me or initiated by them. It’s nice to receive a letter, but I can tell more from a telephone conversation. Seven or eight ladies I have met as a one-off and taken them out for a meal and in the vast majority it has been a positive experience. But actually meeting them helped me decide whether I wanted to pursue their friendship. One member has now become a very good friend and I want to pursue my relationship with her exclusively and hence don’t need to continue my membership. Lastly I have come to realise how difficult  and often painful it is for so many christian ladies in this whole friendship area, as compared with us men who are far fewer. So I now have a lot more empathy and understanding for the ladies due to my friendsfirst membership. Thank you again for your help during the last year.”

(David, Postman)

“May I take this opportunity of thanking all the members of your team for keeping me regularly informed of profiles etc. I think your service is very good ”

(Jo, Accountant)

“I think what you are doing is fantastic – it’s brilliant. I ran a singles group myself once so I know what it’s like.”


“I surely will remind my friends of your friendly and helpful service and their daughters too – those who are having such a hard time trying to meet up with young Christian males.   God bless you in all you are doing.”

(Terry, NHS Personel Manager)

I am in receipt of copy of my profile , thanks. There is only one small amendment to make then it will be good and okay. You guys are doing a brilliant work, thank you very much!

(Sandra, Lecturer)

“Dear Patricia, Many thanks for the information received today about friendsfirst. The profile that you did about me was so well done and everything was correct. You have in my prayers…….you serve…the body of Christ…..through your job”

(Harriet, Civil Servant)

‘friendsfirst has been a long time coming. The way it is organised and run is good. It’s what I’ve been waiting for.’

(Angela,  Nurse)

“I think your service is excellent and I have really appreciated the personal touch. I have been very happy at the prompt and helpful response to my requests for assistance. I have joined organisations online – but it is special, refreshing and different to have your system. I have met someone from elsewhere but should things not work out for me, I will certainly be in touch again,  Bless you for your wonderful ministry.’

(Ellen – Admin Assistant)

“Dear Patricia, Thanks so much for the call last night – I did appreciate it and all the work that you are doing on behalf of the friendsfirst members. You really do provide a personal and caring service. I’ve not been involved with any other kind of agency but I would imagine that you are rare in the care that you provide and demonstrate. I do realize that I’ve not taken advantage of the services you provide; perhaps moving back to the UK and beginning a new job and setting up home etc has actually been more demanding and challenging than I’d anticipated, and it’s left me a bit weary I think, and perhaps not as able to pursue things as I’d hoped. Thanks again though for your encouragement and hard work,”

(Ruth – college lecturer and Missionary)

“I think your service is very good. I like your follow up, your customer service, the fact that you are a paper based service, and your newsletters. It’s a very good service that you provide.”

(Margaret, Deputy Headteacher)

I first found out about Friends First from the Catholic Herald magazine, my first point of contact was from a lovely lady called Hayley who was extremely welcoming and supportive and put me at ease straight away. I have been able to access the Friends First App and have recieved three sets of profiles so far, I’ve had a few messages from some nice gentlemen but unfortunately none have been in my location and some as far away as Ireland and Wales and have also recieved messages from some gentleman who have been divorced who I’ve had to send messages to and explain as my Catholic Faith is important I couldnt date a divorced gentleman, but its been nice to have a bit of a chat with people. I did use a dating site about 15 yrs ago but was able to meet up with people who were more local , the staff from Friends first have all been lovely but i have to be honest and say I haven’t met anyone right for me at present but trust in God and havent given up hope yet , i will contact a member of your team and have a chat with them , many thanks and Godbless.


I wish to take this opportunity to thank Katherine and the friends 1st team very much for all your amazing encouragement, prayers, guidance and support. Your Service is excellent and truly wonderful!!, Without Friends1st, I would never have stepped out of my comfort zone, taking action on my love life and ultimately never would have met the love of my life Alberto (a fellow friends 1st member). My time with the Friends1st has been a period of personal growth, and self-discovery as I journeyed towards my dreams/goals of marriage. I thank you Friends 1st and thankful to the Lord Jesus for partnering with me on this journey and for making my dream come true. May God bless you all.


Yes, it was helpful speaking with the dating expert, We set a goal and I am going to stick by it


“It’s definitely an advantage being able to talk to the people who run the organisation. That makes a big difference. Thank you.’


“Thank you for encouraging me to increase my age range. If I hadn’t done that we’d have never met”

(Val 61 retired)

“I’ve tried so many agencies but had no success at all.  I’m going to rejoin you now because your service was much more personal.”

(Ruth, Novelist)

“I was very impressed with the literature you’ve sent me. It was so reassuring to talk to you. Please find my application form enclosed.”

(Roy, Quantity Surveyor)

“I think you offer a wonderful service and I have really enjoyed the experience – so nice to have a personal call.”

(Jo, Retired)

“Patricia, thank you for all your help. It was a wonderful experience to have somebody on the end of the phone giving me the confidence.”


“Apart from those queries, thank you for making your online application easy to complete.”


“I was very impressed with the pack and it was very helpful.”


Good morning Katharine, Thank you for the video and the tips. I find it useful and practical to achieve the desired results.


I have had an incredible amount of encouragement from Sacha and Sarah. Every time I ring up I always put the phone down feeling 10 x better than when I rang. Friend1st does what it says on the tin. You feel special as soon as you join.


“Your contact with me has been good:  it convinced me of the integrity of the organisation. I felt that a service was being offered not a financial transaction. I wouldn’t want to go elsewhere, I trust this organisation and its personnel.’

(Denise, Proof reader)

“I think your service is excellent and I have really appreciated the personal touch. I have been very happy at the prompt and helpful response to my requests for assistance. I have joined organisations online – but it is special, refreshing and different to have your system. I have met someone from elsewhere but should things not work out for me, I will certainly be in touch again! Bless you for your wonderful ministry.’


Thank you very much for the role you played in our introduction. We have Wedded and have started a new Chapter in our lives.We are very much in love with each other and very happy that we are now married.It was a very interesting occasion with family members who had to fly from other Countries of the World to Celebrate with us. A long day of Celebration full of activities.To God be the glory. We are very grateful to you and your team for a job well done.


“Thank you to both you and Katharine for the warm welcome. I was really impressed by the personal touch , when I received a phone call from her. I received my first list of profiles, and they all seem like nice guys. I will make contact with them soon.”

(Paula, Social worker)

“Personal contact is the key- particularly when in situation where confidence is low.”

(Katherine, GP)

“The personal contact from you is very helpful.”

(Fay, Teacher)

“I’m really pleased with my enhanced profile.  I would never have written it like that and it is so much better than before- I’m hoping for great things from it.”

(Anne, retired midwife)

“thank you for all the lovely information you’ve sent me. It’s all so positive and it gives me hope. It’s a wonderful service you run. There’s nothing so personal as your service. You’ve put such a lot of effort and thought into it all. I haven’t come across anything like this before.”


Hi Sarah, I have just bought 5 different books, one is a workbook, a couple at least are by Christians. Thanks for encouraging me to do this.


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