An answer to prayer for Robert and Louise

Robert and Louise’s Story – An answer to prayer

Single christian widow Louise  met her minister Robert through Friends1stAs a single Christian widow of 62, I didn’t think there would be time to come to love and trust anyone enough to marry again. Nevertheless, I prayed that I would meet a Christian man who I could help in his ministry and in the very first batch of profiles I received, there was Robert, a serving Minister!. For Robert (also a single Christian widow) and I, meeting each other through Friends1st was an amazingly swift and complete answer to prayer.

Having had a very long telephone conversation, we met a few days later (God had His hand on the way that meeting occurred too, but that’s another story) and we both knew immediately that we had found our soul mate. We had both been through many painful years of caring for our terminally-ill spouses and we both wanted to learn to enjoy life again. We had thought that if we were lucky enough to meet anyone compatible through Friends1st, it would take a long time to get to know each other but we found that we were so well-suited that on our third meeting, we decided that we would marry and our wedding is in a couple of months’ time! I guess when you get an answer to prayer God gets all the details right!

We know that God brought us together, bringing joy, renewal and love into our lives and we praise Him for his faithfulness to us.

Thank you also to Friends1st for your part in God’s plan for our lives and being His answer to our prayers.

It just goes to show that as a single Christian widow, you can have the chance to love again and be happy.

Robert and Louise married in April 2019 & we wish them every happiness for their future together.

It is good to know that God can and does answer our prayers – and sometimes the more specifically we pray the most specifically he will answer. We don’t understand why he seems not to always answer our prayers but that shouldn’t stop us praying. It’s often hard to make the time to pray, especially when it’s the last thing that the enemy wants us to do and so will try to put us off! The prayers of the ‘righteous’ are powerful and effective. It’s hard to believe that we can be that influential isn’t it, so it’s good to remind ourselves that prayer changes everything. Susanna Wesley, the mother of John and Charles Wesley, spent 2 hours a day reading her Bible and praying – with her apron thrown over her head forming a sort of ‘Tent Of Meeting’! Consequently, John Wesley founded the Methodist church and both boys were passionate lovers of God and powerful persuaders of people. Perhaps we’re not all destined for such significant influence, but much can be achieved by our prayers, both in our life time and beyond it, and in our locality and beyond it. If we think that God slots our prayers in at the right time and place in His ‘Timeline’, it’s a good incentive to ‘pray anyway’. Jesus frequently went to a mountain or quiet place to pray to his father, and if Jesus needed to do it, so do we. Perhaps also we especially need to pray when it’s the last thing we feel like doing. That prayer time will bring us closer to God and restore any distance that has built up between Him and us.

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How to be the One

Serious about relationships - then this book is for you!How to be the one book

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