A guide for Christians who LOVE WALKING
and want to find
someone special to share it with


Finding a special relationship is like going on a lovely country walk. It’s much more likely to be successful if you know where you are going and how to get there. You probably don’t go walking without a compass but are you trying to find a relationship without clear directions

Our 10 point Christian Dating Guide is like your compass – your essential tool to ensure you reach your destination of finding that special someone and enjoy the journey on the way.


An essential guide to finding a Christian on the same path as you

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  • 1.

    Set your bearings - Just like going on a walk - it's important to set yourself a clear goal and know where you are going to.

  • 2.

    Get the right advice - Make sure you're doing the right things in the right way - you don't want to be going down blind (v)alleys or wasting your time doing the wrong things

  • 3.

    Be correctly prepared - Put yourself across in the best possible way to ensure you get the results you want

  • 4.

    Look around - Great ideas's to expand your opportunities to meet others

  • 5.

    Have a great chat up line ready

  • 6.

    Be interested - it's the quickest way to interest someone in you

  • 7.

    Take safe risks that increase your chances of meeting someone special

  • 8.

    Move out of your comfort zone so that you increase your opportunities of meeting new people

  • 9.

    Use your map - and monitor your progress

  • 10.

    Deal with the bumps along the way