The Seven Deadly Relationship Sins

Discover how to find
a Christian companion
who shares your beliefs!

Just STOP committing one or more of the
  Seven Deadly Relationship Sins!

Hundreds more single Christians would meet and marry each other if they didn’t commit some of the
Seven Deadly Relationship Sins

Essentially the Seven Deadly Relationship Sins are simple things that stop you getting off the starting blocks in dating. If you’re committing these ‘sins’ you’ll be missing out on some great opportunities to find your ideal soul mate. Many of us ‘commit’ them unknowingly!

Seven deadly relationship sins

To make sure you’re not making any of these mistakes, and to help you find your Christian companion, COMPLETE THE FORM TO THE RIGHT (OR BELOW) and over the next few days we will reveal all you need to know about the 7 deadly relationship sins and how you can ensure you’re not making them.

Imagine the difference to your social and professional life, if everyone you met left with a positive warm impression of you.

How to meet Christian singles? The essential Seven Deadly Relationship sins could help you achieve this goal.

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