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Members Area

This is our members area where as a member you can access additional benefits of your membership with us. Click on any of the images below to find out further information about the benefit you are interested in.

Membership Enhancements/Add ons

Find out what other benefits you can add onto your membership. Whether it’s more photos, a better written profile, more support or any of our other features, this is where you can find what is on offer and take advantage of it.

View other members videos

This is where you can view other members video profiles. You will need a unique video code which, if a member has a video profile of themselves, will be provided on their paper profile.

Dating and Relationship Coaching

Each of our memberships includes coaching but you may find you would appreciate much more than your membership package includes. Click here to find out what other coaching you could take advantage of.

Finding Someone Special Tool kit

A massive dating manual giving you everything you need to know and do to be successful in your dating journey. This is the theory you need to ensure your actions are getting you the results you want.

Open to God Prayer Resource

This is a prayer resource which uses highly relevant passages from the Bible and Biblical Art to help you hear personally from God about your dating journey and the way He wants to lead and direct you.


We all need insurance – and one of the benefits of friendsfirst membership is getting cheaper insurance. Whether that’s for your home, car, travel or other needs, our partner Chris Knot will provide you with an extremely competitive quote. Find out how to contact them and access this benefit here.

Free Resources to make you more successful in dating

We have a tonne of great free resources that will help you find your partner – or simply find lots of new friends. You might have already received some of these prior to joining us, but if you didn’t you can access them here.

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