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Meet a Like-Minded Christian Woman and Find the Meaningful Relationship You Were Created For

Say goodbye to the pain of online dating, and be connected with a like-minded woman with the same Christian values as you. With our personalised service and unparalleled support, you can make a genuine connection with a woman who shares your beliefs, and is looking for someone to spend her life with too.

21+ Years of experience

Hundreds of members married

Thousands of Christians connected across the UK

Founded by an Awards Winner & Dating Coach

Real Testimonies From Men in Love…..

“I joined Friends first looking for a special lady, best friend and life partner, hopefully leading to marriage after a successful courtship. I was very fortunate (quicker than expected) to start talking to someone special who was committed to finding future husband, called Esther within the first few weeks. We met after talking by text and phone for about 3-4 weeks and exchanged photos of each other. We are now together all the time after we found we really got on very well together and we are engaged to be married. We are planning our life and future together now. We really care for each other and Friendsfirst was the way we found one another. We would never easily have met in separate nearby towns without Friendsfirst. The new app at the time had just started and was a good way to start chatting. Then we moved to other social media as things developed more seriously. Thanks so much Friends 1st for the friendship and support.” (Gary from Huntington)

Are You Ready to Settle Down and Start a Life Together With Someone Special?

As a Christian man with an active faith, this desire is natural. As you watch your friendship group pairing up, you know you’re ready to begin finding your other half as well… the one you can build a long and happy life with.

You’re searching for a young Christian woman who…


  • Shares some of your same interests so you can build a genuine friendship together
  • Is in a similar stage of life and looking for the same things as you
  • Shares the same Christian values as you and walks in those as part of her life
  • Trusts the Bible is the way to truth and abundant life,and recognises the importance of Christian marriage
  • Is ready to date most likely with the intention of marriage in the future

But Meeting Your Soul Mate Rarely Happens by Chance… and at Times, It Can Feel Impossible!

Have you experienced ANY of these challenges with your dating journey so far?


  • Are you tired of trawling through 1000s of profiles on dating apps that only offer a quick hook up or like and swipe?And it’s frustrting not knowing if the people you’re matching with are as serious as you are, or if they’re just playing the field.
  • Do you struggle to meet women your age at your church who you actually have chemistry with?
    And it feels as if your only options are your friend’s sisters (and exes!) who are firmly ‘off limits’, or the women members of your family introduce you to.
  • Are you constantly on the look-out for someone you’re attracted to every time you attend a Sunday service, Mass, Bible study or a church social?
    And you’re worried that time is passing by too quickly, and you don’t want to miss your window to fall in love and start a family.
  • Do you dread the thought of yet another blind date that your matchmaker mates have set you up with?
    And you feel like no one truly understands what you’re looking for in a soul mate and future wife, or why Christian values are important to you.
  • Does flirting, starting conversations, and going on dates feel unnatural to you?
    And you wish you had some extra guidance from a real person (who is an experienced dating expert) to know what to say and how to act in order to leave a good first impression.
  • Have you tried (and failed) to meet your partner through countless so-called Christian dating apps, websites, and events?
    And you just want to be put in touch with genuine Christian women who are serious about settling down and starting life together.

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the questions above, or if you’re just ready to find the Christian woman of your dreams, friendsfirst’s unique dating service can help. We stand by the truth that as a Christian man, you don’t have to settle for less than a great relationship that is Christ centered. Nor do you need to spend your life on your own.

At friendsfirst, We’re on a Mission to Make Meeting Like-Minded Christians Simple…

Using a Safe, Personalised and Reassuringly Traditional Approach You Can Trust

This is dating, but not as you know it. Say goodbye to dating websites and open-to-anyone apps. Rather, our hands-on service and supportive team of dating experts will connect you with Christian women without you having to rely on swipes and likes.

Our team has 21+ years of experience helping Christians form lifelong partnerships with their soulmates. We will be there to support you throughout your journey, and provide you with powerful resources, helpful coaching and expert advice, so you can find your partner for life sooner.


Find a Chistian Woman That Ticks All the Boxes…
With a Dating Service That Does the Same

Receive unparalleled support as you navigate your dating journey, and find your life partner. You’ll always have someone to turn to, whether you need advice on…

  • Setting up your profile with an authentic description and great pictures to represent the unique you
  • Discerning which women could be a good match for you, and who to reach out to for a chat
  • Getting prepared as you go on dates and interact with new people
  • Juggling more than one conversation at once with integrity and thought

…or something else entirely! Our team of dating experts will be on-call whenever you need them to help you meet your soulmate.


Our proven process makes meeting your future partner simple, stress-free, and is designed to be a genuinely great experience…

Step 1: Book an obligation-free discovery call with our team to discuss your hopes and dreams for the future, and map out a clear pathway forward for you.

Step 2: Partner with our team to build a profile that captures your personality perfectly, complete with a stunning professional photo shoot.

Step 3: Receive exclusive resources that will equip you with powerful dating tools from our team’s wealth of experience, and set you up for success on your next (and hopefully last!) first date.

Step 4: Sit back and leave the matching up to us as we source and share profiles of Christian women within your specified age criteria looking for a serious relationship.

Step 5: Connect with anyone who stands out for you, and organise to meet face to face knowing they have been vetted and screened by the friendsfirst team.

Step 6: Tap into expert advice to help you navigate your dates, and keep you accountable to pursue the women you could have a strong connection with.

Our Smart Matching Philosophy Is What Makes Our Members So Successful

When it comes to pairing you with your soulmate, we believe in giving you as much choice as possible. Our matching philosophy doesn’t follow the same guidelines as a typical filter might, or what your natural criteria for a woman may exclude. We’ll ensure you never miss out on an eligible partner who may be suitable for you. You’ll be connected with a wide range of people that you could form a true connection with. Our in-depth, personalised profiles enable you to learn about your dates on a deeper level – from their passions, to their testimony, to their goals in life and faith.

After 21+ years of experience bringing people together, we’ve found that sometimes the most unlikely attractions form the best relationships! Find love from a place of discernment, keeping an open mind, and know that your potential partner is doing the same with you too.

See for Yourself the Testimonies From Other Young Men Like You…

“I wanted to invest in myself, my future and find someone to spend the rest of my life with. I wanted an agency that was supportive and where other members were committed and genuine. So I joined friends1st and  decided to take all the advice they offered. That included contacting Nina which I might not have done without their encouragement. The rest is history and we are thrilled to be married. It certainly worked for us.” (Steve from Dartford)

How to be the One

Serious about relationships - then this book is for you!How to be the one book

We’re the UK’s Largest Offline Christian Singles Community…

So What Sets Us Apart From the Rest?

We Prioritise Commitment

We’re 100% committed to helping you find love, and have created a community that fosters the same level of commitment. You won’t find ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ members on our books – just real, genuine Christians serious about finding their life partner now.

We’re Exclusively for Christians

Run by Christians for Christians, we put in the effort to only accept genuine, active believers as members. You can feel confident knowing you’ll meet someone with the same Christian values and beliefs as you. We vet all our members to ensure they have the right intentions just like you.

We Keep Our Members Accountable

Is there something holding you back from sending (or replying to) that first message, whatever the reason? We’ll give you a friendly push. Have you started a connection with someone, only to find they’ve gone MIA? We’ll reach out and get to the bottom of it. Our hands-on approach goes beyond the initial match to keep all our members accountable every step of the way.

We Provide You With Helpful Resources

Our end game is always to help you meet your future soulmate! That’s why we go beyond introductions, and provide you with our world-class resources, education and coaching to help you succeed. As a member, you’ll also receive a 1-on-1 coaching call with our dating expert, whatever your starting point with us may be.

And most of all, we offer hands-on support that is unlike any other Christian dating service you’ll find. Whether you need a quick answer to a simple question, help overcoming a problem, advice on navigating a conversation, or some encouragement in your dating life…

Enjoy peace of mind knowing an experienced and caring expert is always just a phone call away. .

Meet Authentic Christians Who Are Always Who They Say They Are

Our personalised service allows us to vet every member within our friendsfirst community to ensure they are genuine, truthful and trustworthy. Say goodbye to the ups and downs of online dating with:

  • NO misleading photos. All members receive a professional photoshoot, so their profile pictures are bang up to date.
  • NO bad intentions. Feel confident pursuing someone you’re interested in, knowing they’ve been screened for authenticity by our team.a review of your photographs with the option to change them
  • NO wasted conversations.
    Know from the start that every person you connect with is a genuine Christian, and serious about finding a genuine relationship.
  •  NO wasted time or distractions. Stay focused on your faith, and leave the heavy-lifting of connecting you with a potential partner up to us.

Flexible Membership Options to Help You Meet Your Soulmate Without the Guesswork



Looking for a Greater Level of Customized Dating Support?

Get in touch with our team to discuss whether our DIAMOND Membership is right for you! Receive access to all Platinum features, and experience a service that is 100% tailored to your exact requirements – whether you need individualised matchmaking, more regular coaching, national advertising on your behalf or any other such dating services.
Apply for Our Diamond Service*
* Prices upon request (from £5000)


It’s Time to Begin the Next Chapter of Your Life…

At friendsfirst, we believe that God’s kingdom is strengthened when like-minded Christians are brought together to enjoy an abundant life together and share their faith journey. If you’re ready to find someone who shares your values, your Christian faith, and loves you for who you are, then get in touch with our team today. Meet your soulmate, fall in love, and live the life you were created for sooner.

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