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SPECIAL OFFER – Join before 15th June 2019 on our OLD prices

You can take advantage of this offer if you have been sent a letter inviting you to join on our OLD cheaper prices (our prices changed in January this year 2019). Take a look at the different options available to you and decide which membership level suits you best. Then choose which way you would like to pay – in one lump sum (saving around 10% more) or spreading your payments over 12 months. Also in this special offer is the inclusion of our wonderful Finding Someone Special Toolkit if you do choose to pay in one lump sum (whatever membership level you choose). Don’t miss this offer – it really is your last chance to join us at these prices, and once 15th June has come and gone, it won’t be available any longer.

If you are still not sure which membership to choose, when you have read the tables below watch our ‘4 memberships video’ which will also help you decide which is the best membership for you.

Click here to read more detail on each membership feature.

Membership fees (Save by paying in one lump sum)

Or spread your payments (*minimum term 12 months)

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