Giving a Talk 13th April 2021

Giving a Talk 13th April 2021

Are you passionate about a subject? Are you fed up of being lonely and having no one to discuss things with? Well, with ‘Giving a talk’, it now gives you a chance to bring that topic you’re passionate about to the table.

Each participant will get up to 5 minutes to bring up a subject of their choice and after your time is up we’ll discuss your topic, either as a whole group or in ‘breakout rooms’, where you can talk longer about subjects that interest you the most.

It’s a real opportunity to meet other Christians and to have a community that we’ve all been craving for and to spread your thoughts about a subject that interests you and that you’d like to share with others.

Time: 2:00 pm

Members price: £4.97
Ex-members price: £9.97


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