for single Christians who are serious about finding a soul mate ... by invitation only

How to be the One 

by Roy Sheppard


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    This book is totally FREE all you pay is Postage and Packing

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    You'll learn how to make first class choices with the people you meet; Why game playing doesn’t work but how friendship is the secret to a great relationship

  • 3.

    How developing a strong Emotional Core is so important and how to develop permanent happiness habits

  • 4.

    Practical ways to boost your self esteem and ways to improve your kindness and compassion - as the risks of being 'too kind'.

  • 5.

    How to improve your compatibility with others

I learned loads

“I’ve read a lot of relationship books over the years. This one is different. I learned LOADS, especially about my emotional fitness. Thank you.”

Made me think

".... made me think about what I want from a long-term partner nad how I can be a more considerate person to her too. All I have to do now is meet her."

Very impressed

“….very impressed by the amount of research. It’s a fabulous read and well thought out and structured…. It certainly takes the reader on a voyagle of self discovery.. for me it is your personal stories I particularly enjoyed.”

What a great idea

"I LOVE the Daily Stop and Start Reminders. What a great idea."