Emails going Astray?

Susan in Stratford asks……. Sometimes I send an email to another member and it gets forwarded back to me by friends1st. Why is this? Sarah says We use a clever system to set up email forwarding based on a specific friends1st email address. If you send an email to…


What is involved in a coaching call?

Sue from Glasgow asks………. I haven’t taken up my coaching call yet – what’s involved Katharine says……. Thanks for asking that Sue – I think lots of members are wondering the same Our coaching calls are times for you to discuss anything in your life that might be…


dinner date manners

dinner date manners

How do I book the Club Dining Events?

Valerie from Manchester asks………. How do I book on for a Club Dining event as a member and how do I find out where this is taking place? Ella says………. There are two ways for booking your Club Dining event. You can book this through the friendsfirst website…

The Effect of Not Replying

The Q & A is rather different this month. This is an email received by one of our female members (who’ll remain anonymous) and it’s included here to show you how devastating it is when someone makes the effort to contact you and you don’t contact them back. Please…


Can I say I am in a relationship?

  Michael asks……… Lizzy, I’ve had someone contact me that I don’t want to contact back. Can I say that I’m in a relationship? Lizzy says………. Thanks for asking that Michael – I’m really glad you’ve asked me that because we hear all the time that…

What is a Video Code?

Simon from Manchester asks……. I’ve received a profile with a video code on it. What does it mean and how do I see the video? Can I do one of myself? Jo says……… Thanks for asking that Simon. When a member records a video of themselves we put a unique code…


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