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Which dating academy speakers would you like to hear from? If for one reason or another, you aren’t able to attend the full 5 day long sessions that make up our complete Dating Academy programme, (which includes not only speakers on key topics, but a focused programme of tailored coaching based on your life and how you’re moving it forward – click here for the full programme), then you can still benefit by attending any of the Dating Academy morning sessions where you’ll have access to hear and learn from two (or three) speakers. Below you’ll find each of the speakers profiles; what topic they will be speaking on and the date you can hear them speak. Click on the buttons below each date to be taken to the booking form to secure your place. Once you’ve booked your place, you’ll receive email confirmation of the exact location in Stratford upon Avon.

3rd March 2018 – 1st session Anthony Delaney

Making a divine connection

Anthony is a retired policeman who grew up on a council estate in Manchester and joined the Police Cadets at 16,which was “all about outdoor pursuits and the pursuit of girls”. Today he is  “above all” a Follower of Jesus: a self-proclaimed man of the people who has successfully utilised his gruff voice and engaging, measured manner to grow Manchester’s Ivy Church – a community of Born Again Christians now with more than 1,000 members meeting on a weekly basis – to more than four times its size since he joined as leader five years ago.Dating Academy Speakers Anthony Delaney

Spend any time with him and it’s clear he’s bent on transforming lives and helping people become who Jesus created them to be. He’s passionate about people having the best marriages, increasing their confidence, overcoming failures and hearing God’s voice in their lives.

Antony’s session is entitled: Making A Divine Connection. Despite the messages our culture bombards us with, when you love someone, it’s not about you, it’s about them, or it’s about BOTH of you.  The Bible’s description of how Rebekah and Isaac got together and stayed together gives us vital and very practical clues for how to get and grow a romantic relationship that lasts, not as a place to take, but a place to give. There was something about Rebekah (her name means connection!) that made her the only possible choice as the wife for a successful young man called Isaac. Anthony will be unpacking this key bit of literature and showing you how to build the lessons in it, into your life, to ensure you find the right partner in the right places.

If you’ve been to New Wine or Spring Harvest you may well have heard Anthony speak or perhaps you’ll have been inspired by him listening to UCB radio or on the BBC or Christian TV channels such as TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). He’s one not to miss.

20th January 2018 – 2nd session Katharine Gray

The 21 Dating Mistakes that can be fatal to your future and how not to make them!

Katharine has worked in the dating industry for 18 years and has a wealth of experience of helping single people find the right partner for them. In this session she’ll be sharing the 21 Dating Mistakes that can be fatal to your future and how to ensure you avoid them.

You probably don’t think you make any mistakes in your contact and interaction with others, but these things are so commonly done, that you probably are ‘blind’ to your own actions, and therefore aren’t seeing where you might be doing wrong.

28th April 2018 – 1st session Liz Scott

What you wear can change your life!

As a leading Image Consultant for over 15 years Liz loves to help peopleDating Academy Speakers Liz Scott find their true confidence by making the most of their personal image. In this session entitled “What you wear can change your life” Liz will be sharing how what you wear impacts how you feel, how you you think and how others perceive you. Whether you’re into fashion or not, you’ll know that, as humans, we are affected by first impressions and the first impression you make on others is really important. This session is therefore not really about you per se, it’s all about how others perceive you and that is critically important in your search for a soul mate.

Having trained extensively in colour analysis, personal styling, make-up, men’s image, and corporate image services with the world’s leading image consultancy, Colour Me Beautiful Liz spends her time helping individuals make the most of themselves and can then develop their own image that is authentically them and enables them to lead the fulfilling life they wish to live.

28th April 2018 – 2nd session Michelle Taylor

Session detail to be confirmed.Dating Academy Speakers Michelle Taylor

Michelle has been involved in ministry for 30 years organising and running women’s ministry and conferences; prayer ministry and discipleship course; mentoring; preaching; church planting and leadership. She is currently training to be a vicar with the CofE at Trinity College, Bristol, and is excited to see where God leads her and her family in the near future. Her passion is facilitating intimacy between Christ and His Bride and she continues to do so at every given opportunity.

Michelle has spoken at a number of our events before and the feedback from her sessions is always extremely positive. This is another session definitely not to miss.

Here’s what you’ve missed in previous sessions!

25th November 2017 – 1st session Roy Sheppard

Be the BEST you can be!

Roy has spoken at conferences all over the world and is a sought after Dating Academy Speakers Roy Sheppardspeaker on relationship building.   In 2010 he pulled his experience in this field together to write a dating book with a difference. “How to be The One” It asks a simple question: Why should anyone stop their search for a life-partner once they’ve met YOU? In today’s dating world you may only be a click away from becoming the ‘ex’ in the word n-ex-t!! because there is always the tantalising possibility there is someone out there ‘better’ than you. It’s up to you to ensure that when someone meets you, there is no next for them!

In this session Roy will explore how to become the best version of YOU that you can be. Someone who is as appealing as possible in deeper, more meaningful ways. If you’re always wondering where all the ‘lovely’ people can be found, this is a session not to miss.

25th November 2017 – 2nd Session Sarah Rodger

Getting a GREAT response from all your contact with others

Sarah is one of friends1st’s expert dating coaches who has a wealth of experience in helping individuals make a success of their personal lives.

In her session Sarah will be speaking on how to make the first contact with someone you’ve never met, in a way that gets the response you want.

If you’re not really getting off the starting blocks in dating, or if you’re initial contact with others isn’t successfully leading you into lots of new dates, meetings and friendships, then this will be a really valuable session.