Coaching with Aimee

Coaching with Aimee

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Meet Aimee –

a professionally trained actor who has performed and taught internationally, including in Japan, China and Italy. Fascinated by different social interactions all over the world, Aimée has learned to adapt her teaching, performance and social skills to all types of people.

As an actor she has acquired techniques very relevant to dating including improvising, picking up on expressions, body language, on the spot thinking, owning your inner and outer confidence and how to dress for an occasion.

Aimée has a keen eye for social interaction and can gently but effectively guide you around the ‘dos and don’ts’ of your journey and help you achieve a life full of love and companionship.

Practise any dating faux pas in real time – with immediate advice, support and ease!

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“She focuses from the outside in, taking into consideration posture, eye contact, dress sense and even vocal tones and inflections.”

(Lucie, South East England.)

Do you ever wish you had the chance to practice a social interaction or situation?

Now you can!

Coaching with Aimée was introduced as a friends1st service in March 2020 during Lockdown. It’s been massively positive and the feedback has been so positive that most clients have gone on to book second sessions (and more!). If you haven’t taken advantage of it yet, here’s a bit more about what it is, how it works and how it will benefit you.

This is an opportunity for individuals to learn, hone and adapt their dating skills through training with a professional actor.

Aimée will give you a hands on, practical way of learning using role playing exercises, where she pretends to be the person you would like to communicate with or date.

“Through real-time role play and discussion, Aimée offers training to help you master engaging and clear communication with finesse, artistry and ease.”

Examples of topics include, but are not limited to:

Confidence and Empowerment:

  • How to feel self-assured and be clear with what you want.
  • How to own your words and feel free and comfortable to say yes or no.
  • How to clearly express what your personal boundaries are with positivity, confidence and pride.
  • How to handle any type of pressure or anxiety, especially in situations that you may feel uncomfortable with and are not yet ready.

Cultivating enjoyable interaction during an initial meeting or phone call:

  • How to overcome nerves, feel calm, confident and spontaneous when meeting someone for the first time.
  • How to give off the right energy, and understand body language.
  • How to develop engaging communication when you feel like the conversation is drying up!
  • How to practice physical awareness and active listening.

This is a hands on, one-to-one video session tailored to you as an individual.

Aimée has loved working with our members using specially selected exercises and role play to help them feel confident within themselves, whilst discussing different approaches to move forwards in meeting that someone special.

Everyone is different, but recently we have focused on:

• Preparation for a date (practically and mentally)
• Building confidence when meeting someone special
• Knowing when to move on to the next step whilst getting to know one another
• Tips and tricks for uncomfortable moments! (We’ve all been there!)
• Setting boundaries
• Being clear in what you want
• Handling rejection
• Elevating yourself and widening your horizons
• Focusing on your inner and outer transformation
• Increasing your self-worth and deserve-ability

After all, practice
makes perfect!

Everyone deserves the chance to find love and happiness.


Get in touch to discuss how Aimée could help you!

To book your one-to-one session and for
any other enquiries, feel free to talk with Aimée on:

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or email:

(All sessions are conducted by phone, Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.)


  • Direct, experiential learning.
  • A safe space to practise in real time.
  • The chance to make mistakes!
  • The opportunity to receive immediate support and feedback
  • The choice to pause, re-enact and ask questions to understand the best way to progress with any given situation.



  1. Understanding the problem
  2. Finding a solution and discussing what different approaches you feel you can use
  3. Role playing exercises
  4. Immediate feedback and evaluation
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“It was great fun, very entertaining and gave me an insight into another world. It made me feel much better about myself.”

(Will, Kent.)

“It was highly educational. I wouldn’t have considered or thought of many of the things we worked on, such as posture, expression and vocal tone. Puts you in good stead for the future!”

(Mervyn, Scotland.)

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