Christmas 2010

December 2010

Winter and Christmas

A difficult time if you’re on your own

As the dark nights draw in and the temperature drops, many people get out less and find themselves facing more and more time on their own. For some this is fine – a time to take stock and recharge the batteries. For others this is hard – especially if you’re one of those that thinks the chances are that everyone else but you is out having a good time.

Christmas perhaps exacerbates this, whether that’s because there’s all the talk of present buying for loved ones (and perhaps you’ve lost your loved one), or happy families (and perhaps yours isn’t one of those anymore), or just being with lots of other like minded people – and you feel like you’re on your own.

First and foremost – don’t despair – you are not alone – lots of other people feel this way – although they probably are hiding it equally well as you are! There are lots of things you can do. For example have a party – Christmas is a great time for this – either before Christmas Day or afterwards. It doesn’t have to be big or showy – but for sure, if you invite others who are probably feeling like you do, they’ll really appreciate you for it. Or offer to help someone else out – your offer will be much appreciated and you’ll probably make new friends along the way.

Or you could decide to make a difference in your life and join something like friendsfirst – the Christian friendship organisation which has been bringing people of all ages together for ten years.  This time of year is a very popular time for people to join the organisation and you’ll find you are in good hands, not only in the service that the staff provide – they are always on hand to talk, help and advise members, –  but also in the opportunities that you will then have to meet others in the same boat.

friendsfirst has a very member-orientated focus and is run solely by Christians for Christians. It’s the biggest most personal organisation for Christians looking to meet others and as a result it’s a very effective way to make new friends and soul mates. For an informal and confidential chat about membership ring Katharine Gray on 0121 427 1286 or look at their website www.friends1st.co.uk. Whatever you do, don’t spend Christmas this year feeling sorry and sad. There’s no need – and you could be just the person to cheer someone else up and make the world of difference in their lives.


How to be the One

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“Good news I got married last February. Although we didn’t meet directly through friendsfirst it got me in the frame of mood about meeting people. Thank you for your help”

(James Froy, Company Director )

“Dear Katharine,   I am very pleased to tell you that the best aspect of the St. Rhadagunds 09 holiday for Pat and myself, David was that , in a truly romantic evening […]

(David and Pat)

‘”We are so thankful for friendsfirst assistance and for the service that you provide. We have settled into married life very well and enclose a picture of our wedding day for […]

(Charles, Software Engineer)

“Hi Katharine, We are not feeling lonely anymore thank you! Through friendsfirst James and I met.  Dates went well and we fell in love.  Three weeks ago we got engaged.  We are […]

(Tracy and James)

How to be the One

Serious about relationships - then this book is for you!How to be the one book

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