About our Members

All our members are people with a genuine Christian faith. They come from many different Christian denominations, from a wide variety of backgrounds and comprise people of all ages.

Just like you, every member is unique and individual.

We are a members only organisation so we do vet all our members. We have a great spread of people on our books – so it is likely we will have someone that will be right for you. Read on to find out more about our Christian members.

About Our Christian members – Their ages

We have members of every age – currently from 24 to 96 – and everything in between, so there is a very good chance that we have someone on our books who is the age you are looking for. Our matching is a two way process – if you want someone 20 years younger than you, they will have to want someone 20 years older than them for you both to be matched. So be realistic with your age criteria and keep it as wide as possible.

About our Christian members – Their locations

We have members in almost every part of the UK and a number of members in EIRE and Northern Ireland. The chances are that we have someone living not far from you. Click Member locations to see a full list of where the people who join us come from.

About Our Christian members – Their occupations

Our members do a very wide variety of jobs. So the chances are, if you are looking for someone in a particular profession or in a job similar to yours (or who is also at home because they have retired) then it is likely you will find them. Currently we have members doing the following jobs:

Accountants, Accounts Assistants, Administration, Admin Assistants, Advocacy, Agriculturalists, Analysts, Architects, Archivists, Artists, Bank Clerks, Bankers, Bakers, Barristers, Beauty Therapists, Beauty Consultants,  Biographers, Bible Teachers, Builders, Book-keepers, Business Development Managers, Care Assistants, Car Mechanics, Cardiographers, Carpenter, Careers, Catering Managers, CEOs, Chauffeurs, Chaplain,  Chariry Shop Workers, Chartered Surveyors, Chefs, Church Administrators, Chiropracters, Civil Servants, Civil Engineer, Church Minister,  Company Directors, Company Secretaries, Computer Programmers, Cooks, Counsellors, Curates, Dental Nurses, Deputy Heads, Development Director Doctors, Dog Walkers, Electricians, Electronic Engineer, Engineers, Entrepreneur, Estate Agents, Factory workers,  Family Support worker, Farmers, Florists, Financial Analysts, Finance officer, Foster Carer, Freelance writer, Fundraisers, Funeral Director, Garden Design, Gardner, Graphic Designers, Gospel Single, Green keeper, Hairdresser,  Health care workers, Health Visitors, Head Teachers, Housewives, Hospice Director, Housekeepers, HR, Insurance Officers, IT engineer, Journalists, Kitchen porter, NHS Porters, Physios, Policemen, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Lawyers, Lecturers, Legal counsellor, LGV driver, Librarians, Local Government officer, IT Consultants, Managers, Management Consultants, MDs, Mechanical Engineer, Medical Secretary,  Missionaries, Mums, Motivational speakers,  Music teachers, Midwives, Nannies, Nurses, Nursery Nurses, Nutrional Therapists, OTs, Painter and Decorators, P.As, Pharmacists,  Photographers, Physio, Piano Teachers, Pilgramage Guides, Priests, Podiatrists, Psychotherapists, Property Developer, Psychologists,  PR consultants, Probation officer, NHS Administrators, Quantity Surveyors, Sales reps and managers, Sculptor, Secretaries, Security officers, Solicitors, Self employed, Social Workers, Scientific officer, Tutors, Statistician, Students, Support worker, Town planner, Therapists, Teachers,  Trainers Radio Station manager, Radiology assistance, Receptionists, Recruitment consultants, Researchers, Retail managers and assistants, University Lecturer, Vet,Vicars, Voluntary workers, Youth Leaders, Waitress, Writers.

Each member has their own unique profile written for them which is updatable at any time. These profiles give you all the information you need to make a decision about whether to contact someone or whether to reply to someone who has contacted you.

About Our Christian members -Their denominations

All of our members are Christians that belong to a wide spectrum of denominations. Some of the denominations listed by our current members are:

Anglican, Apostolic, Assemblies of God, Baptist, Brethren, C of E, Charismatic, Christian Fellowship, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of Scotland, Church in Wales, Community Church, Congregational, Ecumenical, Elim Pentecostal, Evangelical, Free Church, Free Methodist, Independent, Lutheran, Methodist, New Frontiers, New Life Church, Pentecostal, Pioneer Network, Protestant, Roman Catholic, Salvation Army, Society of Friends, URC, Unitarian, World Wide Church.

About Our Christian members -Their nationalities

Our members are mainly British in nationality but the organisation is open to people of all nationalities and we do have members who are not British; for example, Africans, Brazilians, Australians, Caribbeans, Dutch, Germans, Greeks, Irish, South Africans, etc.  Membership is only open to unattached Christians living in the UK and EIRE.

Friends1st our members

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Discover if we have Christian members living close to you!

“When people ask how we met, the official line is that we met through a mutual friend. Thank you for being our friend.”

(Barry, Manager)

“Amy and I are planning to get married in a few months time. It was your team that helped me to get going again and I must thank you very […]

(John, Lecturer)

“Hi, I was so amazed when I read your latest newsletter about another engagement . I met Heather last May and we got engaged on 2nd November and are busy […]


You may have noticed a flood of new members following our success story! Again many thanks for your excellent service. With best wishes for many more happy Marriages.”

(Kevin and Anne)

Discover if we have Christian members living close to you!