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“Dear Katharine, Enjoyed the lunchtime event at Chimes very much ;  pleasant venue, tasty food and good company.  I also appreciated your e-mail of clear directions and caring organisation. I’ll look forward to the next event if not too far from East Sussex  and hope to receive profiles of people living more to the south of England. Many thanks.

(Daphne )

* I wanted to meet new people and this was possible.


Dear Katharine,A line to say how much I enjoyed yesterday.  You did so well to rearrange so quickly a great alternative venue, and the Café Rouge staff were brilliant – I think we provided them with quite a lot of entertainment too! I met some nice people too.  I think the lunch is probably more relaxed than an evening dinner. Thank you

(Vicky )

* Thank for such a great event


‘Nice dinner and nice to meet new people.  I enjoyed myself.I am more than happier you can show my photograph.’

( Remi 54 Divorced)

* I had very high expectations for this event and they were met


* I came because I wanted to meet some interesting new people and have some good food. The event met my expectations absolutely. The event was great – a lovely day and I felt so relaxed.


“I enjoyed the Christmas dinner at the City Inn in Birmingham, It was a fun and relaxed evening.”

(Philip, Retail Assistant)

“I’ve enjoyed the 2 events I’ve been to. It’s a pleasure to sit next to people who have some worthwhile conversation”


*  Great to meet you yesterday and thanks for an excellent event


* The meal was excellent and good value and the company was good also, excellent seating arrangements – well done. I came because your Christmas event attracted a good crowd so figured this event might too. I go to other Christian events but they are less professional.


* I thought it was a great way to meet people 10/10


YES, I THOROUGHLY-ENJOYED York , Yorkshire and I’M STILL VERY N VERY-GLAD that I sent you’all my cheque to attend this event and attended it too . I’ve received this month’s-Copy of the Cloudnine-Magazine on Friday through my Dagenham-door ; thanks very-much for these gifts and for the RECOGNITION TOO.

(Leandro 39 single)

“thank you for a lovely evening and thank you to all at Friends1st”

(Leandro )

Just a belated thanks for the meeting near Stratford the other Saturday. Thanks also to the two hosts. It was all very enjoyable to meet other members.

(Robert – Northampton )

Hi Jackie, How are you, today ?  Fine, I hope. I appreciate your hospitality at last Sunday’s Club Dining Event at Birmingham. I thank you for the warmth and reception. Please extend my appreciation and gratitude to Sarah. More power to your elbows. I am looking forward to the next event on December 15 with great joy and thanksgiving in my heart.


* The event was better than I had expected.


* I expected a relaxed social get-together of Christian singles with a good mix of ages and genders with some decent food and a sense that maybe I might meet someone I might really get to like. The event met my expectations precisely! The planning that had gone into the seating arrangements to put you near people of a similar age was well- judged. It was just a professional as I’d expected. Thank you again and may I say again how enjoyable the event was.


* I came because I wanted to meet other single Christians in a relaxing and informal atmosphere and the event met my expectations.


* I came because I wanted an enjoyable lunch with good food and company and the event met my expectations – it was an excellent event


The greatest advertisement for your organisation was meeting some of your members at the Isle of Wight singles week at St. Rhadagunds last September (06). In previous years there has hardly been anyone coming to these weeks. However, to my great delight, last year the singles week was fully booked. As I understand it, this was due to the fact that friendsfirst actively mailshotted their members and in this way encouraged them to support the singles week. What made last September special was the incredible mix of ages. Every decade from 20s to 90s was represented! And the younger ones said they greatly benefited from the experience and testimony of the older ones. There would simply not have been the same oneness of the spirit or camaraderie had everyone been in a narrow age range. One chap who particularly blessed me was in this 90s, called Peter. He was only too willing to pray with people, and he helped me through a particularly difficult time. If the age range was specified to, say, 25-45, I would never have had the benefit of meeting Peter. And I myself would have missed out, being 47. Another person who made the week special was a spirit filled young lady called Diane who led the week. People could see she had a genuine heart for single people, so much so that she has been asked to lead this year’s week as well. She currently attends Bible college and is looking to find a ministry. I told her she should consider a ministry to single people, still an area crying out for leaders who are genuinely committed.


* I came because of the previous good event you organized


I had a wonderful time at the London club dining. Thank you. I particularly enjoyed chatting to Lorin who is exactly right for me, and is totally as she appears on the profile. (Editors note – Mark and Lorrin got married!)


“I am particularly enjoying your  events– especially the more recent one October club dining. There was a lovely atmosphere there and I enjoyed the people I met and have subsequently been out with one of the ladies I met there. That’s been superb. I’ve also been really enjoying the Cloudnine magazine – your article on God’s perfect timing really spoke to me. “

(Simon Gillie 54 Single Weybridge)

* Thank you all again for your hard work in organising the event


Katharine, At the last dinner in London I took your advice to be more proactive about meeting and talking to more women. This time I did better than in the past and I found it fine talking to the women next to me.

(Stephen )

Hi Jackie, thanks to you & Sarah for a very well organized and enjoyable lunch. Thanks for Julia’s details. Just off down the Nile! x

(Gordon 69 widowed)

“I really enjoyed the event and am really glad I went out to it on Saturday night”

(Leandro 40 Security Officer)

“ I just wanted to write & thank you for last Saturdays events at chimes in Pimlico, superbly hosted by Daphne. She did a brilliant job as did Nick on a similar occasion last November.”

(John 72 Kent)

“Re Sept Club dining 2012 It was a really lovely evening, thank you “

(Christine 50 single)

* I came to meet other people and I was able to do this.


I just wanted to thank you for a really good time on Saturday.   Good food, good company…  and good to meet some new people.

(Patricia 69 Divorced)

“I absolutely loved the London meal. I was so impressed. I’ve been telling everyone about it. It was great fun”

(Joanne )


(Leandro 39 Single)

“Thanks for hosting a good event in London on Saturday Nov 2013 – it was great to meet you!  I was pleased I made the effort to go, and was pleasantly surprised to see a good number there, and with fairly equal number men and women..  Met some nice people, and had some interesting conversations..  Venue suitable especially having had the entire end of the restaurant to ourselves, and the menu was imaginative and at the same time traditional.. and the food tasty.”

(Margaret )

* Keep up the good work


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