Plan to Achieve

Plan to Achieve

Where has this year gone to? Does anyone else feel like life is flying by all too quickly? They say it’s a cliché to say the older you get, the faster time goes by: but it’s all too true. Perhaps as Christians we should heed the…

Posivite focusPosivite focus

Who here actually likes meetings ‘cos I bet most of you attend some in whatever shape or form they take (think work meetings, church meetings, voluntary group meetings, etc). You could argue that the liking of meetings is testament to a healthy attitude (read…

10 ways to recharge

10 ways to recharge

Are you feeling burned out, stressed, lethargic, over-worked or just out of whack? Well, worry no more. Here are 10 ways to recharge. 10 ideas to help put a spring back into your step. 1 – Have a good laugh Laughter is good medicine and the…

Learning to Become More ConfidentLearning to Become More Confident

Learning to Become More Confident I recently went to an interesting seminar run by a lady called Samantha Clarke who was talking about Inner Confidence. It was a seminar for business owners but I think many of the principles we discussed are applicable to many...

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