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Does prayer work and if so how?Does prayer work and if so how?

I was a guest at a church in North Wales and was touched by the sermon on prayer. It seemed very relevant to share as I know many people pray to God about their relationship status. The priest (Terence Carr) kindly emailed me his notes and I hope you’ll find his...

Perseverance brings reward

Perseverance brings reward

Today I want to share with you the fruits of perseverance of two people called Anne and Bert who met and married as a result of their friends1st membership. They wrote in to tell us their stories and it’s certainly food for thought. Anne who joined us in January...


First impressions aren’t always rightFirst impressions aren’t always right

It was my birthday recently and when I returned from work I found a friend had dropped by and left a present. My husband wasn’t home and my initial reaction was to wait until he arrived so I could share my pleasure of unwrapping it with him. And then I thought ‘No,…


Non-relationships (and how to deal with them!) by Sheila Jacobs

Non-relationships (and how to deal with them!) by Sheila Jacobs

Non-relationships and how to deal with them Non-relationships and how to deal with them – I suppose we have all been there. Really attracted to someone, and yet knowing something isn’t quite right, we shove aside the still, small voice that is saying, ‘He isn’t...


Enlisting help makes all the differenceEnlisting help makes all the difference

Enlisting help Over the past four months, my home has been in turmoil – and as a result it feels like our lives have been too. What we thought was a relatively small damp problem in a couple of our rooms, which we finally decided to get sorted, turned into a major…


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