Tips for Dating

Six truths about LoveSix truths about Love

The First one is a warning. Human beings need Love. Without it they die. Solitary people without Love are three to five times more likely to die early! Match this with plummeting birth rates in many Western countries and major increases in the number of people living…

The power of giving

The power of giving

All religions, and of course our own faith Christianity, include teachings on the power of giving. Perhaps it’s because they all understand human nature which is that we all want things – and we can’t have things without giving. In order to receive something, you...

Gardening and Dating – by Sheila JacobsGardening and Dating – by Sheila Jacobs

I'm thrilled to welcome Sheila Jacobs as a guest post today who has written this great piece on gardening and dating.– What has gardening got to do with dating? Well, unless you’ve met a landscape gardener, or someone who loves their allotment, probably not much…? Ha! Well, let me surprise you….. I have a very large garden. It has been...


It’s not set in stoneIt’s not set in stone

So often I hear from a member that they aren’t going to contact someone who’s profile they’ve received because it says something like ‘doesn’t want to meet someone with children’ for example. So they reject that profile and don’t contact the person. May I politely say...

5 Christian ice breakers for men

5 Christian ice breakers for men

The weekend may be coming to a close, and the dates are done for another week, but there is always time to brush up on your conversation skills. Check out 5 great Christian ice breakers to kick off your conversation from the UK’s no.1 offline Christian...


Great first date questions

Great first date questions

All dressed up and ready to go for that first date – but have you thought about conversation. As the old saying goes, it’s better to be interested than interesting. With that in mind here are 10 first date questions from the UK’s best offline Christian...

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