Tips for Dating

Pride: the enemy of lovePride: the enemy of love

‘Dear HopefulGirl,’ said the letter. ‘I’ve dabbled with Christian dating services and singles events, but I find it all rather demeaning – like wearing a sign saying I’m desperate.’ After recovering from the breakdown of a long engagement, I was excited about giving…


Focus on one thingFocus on one thing

Another lesson I’ve learnt from the Ben Hunt Davis book (“Will it make the boat go faster?”) is the power of attention. Basically you focus on what you pay attention to. Now what you pay attention to changes. In Ben’s case, other than just ‘going rowing’ they used...


The power of laughterThe power of laughter

Making people laugh is a skill that is really worth developing and if you use it in your interactions with people you meet on a daily basis you will find your popularity increases and more people will be drawn to you. People like being around happy people, and people…

Standing out from the crowdStanding out from the crowd

I don’t need to tell you that in the dating world, there is masses of choice and sometimes it feels it’s hard to get yourself seen and noticed by the right people (or in your case the right person). Well the truth is, it isn’t hard to get seen and noticed……. if you…


Are you getting the response you want?Are you getting the response you want?

Today I want to ask you if you are getting the response you want from the people you are contacting? OK so this assumes one very big thing – that you ARE making contact with others! If you aren’t making the first move and aren’t making contact with others, then this…


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