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 Getting your profile right!Getting your profile right!

Your Profile Is Critical. Read our guest article by friendsfirst member Claire (who is a business coach) for her advise on getting it right.

Anyone hate putting together their dating profile? Knowing where to start and how much to include can be a real challenge. Too much (ladies!) and we appear so competent in all areas...


This is either the best or worst sales pitch of all timeThis is either the best or worst sales pitch of all time

This is either the best or worst sales pitch of all time. How good is your sales pitch for yourself? If you’re looking to sell something – like yourself for example, you’ve got to do exactly that – sell it. Big it up. Tell people your the best thing since sliced bread...

Take me Out!Take me Out!

It was some time back now, but I wonder if you saw the programme called ‘Take Me Out’. I’m not a big watcher of TV – in fact I rarely watch it at all, but just happened to catch one episode of this programme. Dating programmes seem to be eternally...


Step by stepStep by step

I received an email from a friend today which went as follow: Katharine, I have been struck, over the last few days, at how lightly the snow has been falling and yet has managed to cause such massive disruption. Even a huge branch of our apple tree, which comfortably...

Looking for a needle in a haystackLooking for a needle in a haystack

Something worth finding is worth making an effort for I’m writing this during that wonderful time of year when the fields are giving up all their crops – the grain is being harvested and barns are being filled. If you live in the country you can’t help but notice the...


Perseverance brings reward

Perseverance brings reward

Today I want to share with you the fruits of perseverance of two people called Anne and Bert who met and married as a result of their friends1st membership. They wrote in to tell us their stories and it’s certainly food for thought. Anne who joined us in January...


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