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Turning a No to your maximum advantage.Turning a No to your maximum advantage.

This article is important. It’s on a subject that if you don’t spend some time thinking about and getting right, then your whole future could be at stake. It’s also a topic that applies to other areas of our lives and not just...



I met the loveliest woman recently at our Discovery Day held in Banbury. We’re holding four of these throughout this year to enable people who just want to very informally see what we’re about find out if joining an introduction agency (let alone ours) is right for...


Massive ActionMassive Action

So it’s 2014. What is this year going to bring you then? Is it going to be a year you look back on with great fondness or is it going to be a year where not much changes? Ultimately it’s your choice. You can drift or you can take action. My mantra for you for 2014 is…


Little known secrets to meeting more peopleLittle known secrets to meeting more people

Sadly there is no magic potion you can take that will enable you to suddenly meet more people – and in consequence get more dates and ultimately find Mr or Miss Right. But there is one thing you can do that effectively works like a magic potion. Would you like me to…

The power of giving

The power of giving

All religions, and of course our own faith Christianity, include teachings on the power of giving. Perhaps it’s because they all understand human nature which is that we all want things – and we can’t have things without giving. In order to receive something, you...

Gardening and Dating – by Sheila JacobsGardening and Dating – by Sheila Jacobs

I'm thrilled to welcome Sheila Jacobs as a guest post today who has written this great piece on gardening and dating.– What has gardening got to do with dating? Well, unless you’ve met a landscape gardener, or someone who loves their allotment, probably not much…? Ha! Well, let me surprise you….. I have a very large garden. It has been...


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