Two new Membership Managers joins the team. February 2012

We were very sad to say Goodbye to Dawn who’d joined us back in January 2010 as she headed off to pastures new – primarily to follow her passion in flower arranging. Having been constantly telling our members to follow their hearts Dawn decided it was time to follow…

BBC Radio 4 profiles friendsfirst – St. Valentine’s Day 2010

BBC Radio 4 on their Sunday programme on 14th February 21010 did a feature on ‘faith and dating’ by Trevor Barnes. friendsfirst was profiled with various comments from Director Katharine and starring Stephanie – one of our members who married through us 2 years…

Our Membership Manager’s baby is born. 26th March 2008

Kay Lane our Membership Manager joined us when she was 4 months pregnant. It was wonderful watching her bump grow and grow. She worked up until the last possible moment and we were thrilled to hear that she delivered a baby girl at home infront of a log fire weighing…

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