Families and how to survive themFamilies and how to survive them

Despite the title of this book being about families it’s a very important read for people looking for relationships as it deals with who and why we are attracted to certain people. It also asks (and…

Where to meet new people

Where to meet new people

Earlier in the week we looked at first dates. Unless you think a soul mate is waiting for you at the supermarket during the weekly shop, you may have to try a few of these. Lets take a step backwards and look at ideal places to meet new people and start new…

Impress on your first date

Impress on your first date

The quick and easy guide from the UK’s No.1 offline Christian Dating Agency Friends1st. Let’s be honest, we could write a book on first dates, but why bother when all the best advice is simple enough to be broken down into 5 easy points. Barring the…

Sheila & Keith’s Heartwarming Story of Finding Christian Romance

Romance – it all has to start some somewhere. As the UK’s best offline Christian dating agency we are often one of the first stepping stones for Christians looking for friendship and romance. For a lot of Christian men and women, it starts with Friends1st. This was…

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