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The true ‘man of steel’….The true ‘man of steel’….

“ The true ‘man of steel’ has a ‘heart of gold’”- Mike Breen If we want to know what we are truly like, we need to look inside. A lump of coal can look quite big and impressive, pretty tough. But put it under a bit of pressure and it will crumble. Expose it to heat…

Winner or Loser, Which are you?Winner or Loser, Which are you?

Winner Or Loser, Which Are You? I read something this week that stuck with me, entitled Winner or Loser I don’t normally take a second glance at an “In Flight” magazine, but a recent flight gave me ample of time to read this one cover to cover. You see there was this...

Learning to Become More ConfidentLearning to Become More Confident

Learning to Become More Confident I recently went to an interesting seminar run by a lady called Samantha Clarke who was talking about Inner Confidence. It was a seminar for business owners but I think many of the principles we discussed are applicable to many...

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