Dating and Faith

February Madness!!!February Madness!!!

I’m really pleased to say that February was very hectic in the office following our recent membership offers. We’ve got so many new members and we’ve been flat out making sure as many people as possible receive members profiles at the beginning of this month…and…

Be a blessingBe a blessing

I was part of a group planning a joint service last night and we were looking at Genesis 12 – the Call of Abram. We focused on how God promised Abram things that were completely out of his comprehension but were dependent on his walking in faith, moving out of…


Moving OnMoving On (by Sheila Jacobs)

Moving On Earlier in the year, I began reading the stories of the Old Testament characters. There was Terah, Abraham’s dad, who ‘settled’ when he could have been moving on; Abraham, who believed God and stepped out into the unknown; Jacob, a real ‘a piece of work’ but…

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