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The power of love and looks

The power of love and looks

My husband and I attended a ‘Care for the Family’ evening recently and Rob Parsons shared a story that a friend had told him. It touched me so much and really made me think how we all need to apply the truth in it to our lives. This is particularly the case when...


Time to meet your friends?Time to meet your friends?

Are you ready to introduce someone to your friends? Yesterday in our post on “dinnerless dating” we presented the idea of going to a Church event with a date. This can be a big step in a relationship. It shows that you are serious enough that you want...


Make the most of your membership in under 3 minutes

As the UK’s no.1 offline Christian dating agency we want you to make the most of Friends1st.   A good starting point is following the advice of Chris and Julia – a couple who made a success of being Friends1st members by meeting each other and eventually...


Is it time to commit?

Is it time to commit?

You have been on numerous dates, talked for hours together, and see the potential for a lasting relationship. But before you commit, here are a few things you should consider.   Do you think you are ready to commit to a relationship? Will this relationship make...


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