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In celebration of the ‘Late starters’In celebration of the ‘Late starters’

In Celebration of the Late Starters & ‘Peter’s Progress’ Food for thought from Chris, the father of one of our recent members. I went to University when I was in my forties and at the age of 63, I finally completed and published my first novel…

Let Ellel Ministries be a Blessing to youLet Ellel Ministries be a Blessing to you

Let Ellel Ministries be a blessing to you too. A short overview of Ellel Ministries by Kathy from Yorkshire. The head office of which is in Bay Horse, about six miles south of Lancaster. Ellel Ministries was founded by Peter Horrobin in 1986. Peter has co-authored the…

An Odd GiftAn Odd Gift

An odd gift By Sheila Jacobs It seemed an odd gift to give. Odder, perhaps, because of the nature of the giving. A young woman from my church had bought an old typewriter – in pretty good condition – from a charity shop. She was pleased with her purchase, but it…

I am a ChristianI am a Christian

I recently came across this letter entitled ‘ I am a Christian ‘ in one of the national newspapers and it says so well what I’ve always though but never been able to express. I thought I would share it with you…. I am a Christian   When I…

A prayer for the dayA prayer for the day

A Prayer for the day – A Prayer Before Entering Your Office Below is a prayer for the day Lord Jesus As I enter this workplace I bring Your presence with me, I speak Your peace, Your grace, and Your perfect order into this office. I acknowledge Your Lordship…

Learning to Listen

Learning to Listen

Learning to Listen by Sheila Jacobs I’ve just started something new. Once a month, I am a day chaplain at a Christian retreat house near Chelmsford, Essex. It means, essentially, taking morning and midday Prayers, and generally being available for people who want a…

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