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God’s perfect timingGod’s perfect timing

There is nothing more wonderful in my opinion than when our faith is boosted by seeing the things we believe in work out in practice. I’ve seen this recently a number of times and I wanted to share the encouragement I have received from it with you. So often we hear...


On a quest

On a quest

As single people, sometimes we can find ourselves on a ‘quest’. We want a partner. Actually, as Christians we want a husband, or a wife. And that can become our goal. People ask us to pray about their sick relative or evangelism or the Sunday school and we give it lip...


God doesn’t do second

God doesn’t do second

One thing I have noticed in my Christian journey is that God wants to be first. He doesn’t do second. I was reading that piece in Luke’s Gospel where Jesus tells the story of the great banquet. Someone is about to throw a party and invites some people. One guy makes…

10 Timeless Love Songs10 Timeless Love Songs

Our pick of timeless love songs to get you through Friday afternoon and into the weekend. Share this list with your friends and let us know your favourite love songs on Facebook & Twitter now. Hello – Lionel Richie Ain’t That A Kick In The Head – Dean Martin...


The old ways are the best.The old ways are the best.

Old fashioned dating tips for new age gentlemen. When it comes to courtship a lot has changed: how we meet our partners, how we communicate, and the type of activities we do together. Throughout these shifts, the role and appreciation of “the gentleman”...


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