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Time to meet your friends?

Time to meet your friends?

Are you ready to introduce someone to your friends? Yesterday in our post on “dinnerless dating” we presented the idea of going to a Church event with a date. This can be a big step in a relationship. It shows that you are serious enough that you want...

A day trip that will bring you closer.A day trip that will bring you closer.

Much like the first date, the first day trip is part and parcel of the courtship process. The key to a great day trip is a good destination / selection of activities. It should be an enjoyable experience for both people. With that in mind, here are some suggestions on...


Five songs for that Friday FeelingFive songs for that Friday Feeling

We all know it: butterflies, excitement, & anticipation. It’s like a first kiss that happens every week – it’s that feeling when we know the weekend is near. If you want that feeling everyday you can find it in friendship and love. And as the…


10 Commandments of Christian Dating

10 Commandments of Christian Dating

Your guide to finding a Christian soul mate that suits you down to a “†”. Discover the 3 things you must not do, as well as practical advice on how to be more attractive to others.   Make sure you are doing the right things to find Christian...

Impress on your first date

Impress on your first date

The quick and easy guide from the UK’s No.1 offline Christian Dating Agency Friends1st. Let’s be honest, we could write a book on first dates, but why bother when all the best advice is simple enough to be broken down into 5 easy points. Barring the...


Sheila & Keith’s Heartwarming Story of Finding Christian Romance

Romance – it all has to start some somewhere. As the UK’s best offline Christian dating agency we are often one of the first stepping stones for Christians looking for friendship and romance. For a lot of Christian men and women, it starts with Friends1st. This was…


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