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Highlights and Lowlights

Highlights and LowlightsIn Matthew 14 Jesus experienced one of the lowest moments of His life when His cousin John the Baptist was beheaded. His immediate reaction was to go to a solitary place and pray and grieve. But life soon invaded this moment – Perhaps He felt…

Are you looking for a good wife

Are you looking for a good wife

Are you looking for a good wife? If you are hoping that you will find a good woman to share your life with, and perhaps have the pleasure of making her a wife, it would be good to know what you are looking for. We’ve talked before about looks fading and basing your…


  THE ROLE OF PRAYER IN FINDING A LIFETIME PARTNER With thanks to Eveyln (8984) for this article; the Role of Prayer in Finding a Lifetime Partner. Love is something everyone desires to find. It is a blessing which believers and non-believers crave to have. It is…

Child, I love you

Always The Same Words – ” Child, I Love You ” A long time ago I wrote a song called ‘Come to the Father’ that I used to sing to myself walking around the fields with my dog. The last verse went like this, “Come to the Father, Come hear His gentle voice. No…


Rise Up and Step Out

Disappointment – Rise Up and Step Out! Once we step into the valley of disappointment, we can end up spending quite a long time there. Disappointment is a long valley, one where we can stay for years if we’re not careful or mindful of God’s plans for us. If you have…

Rare interview with Jackie Pullinger shown in the photo 

Rare Interview with Jackie Pullinger

Rare Interview with Jackie PullingerIn a rare interview with Sam Hailes, the straight-talking missionary challenges the Church to stop living vicariously through her, and get on with the job. This article was originally printed in Premier Christianity magazine – we…

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