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Would you recognise a Narcissist?

Narcissists: Who are they and how to recognise one.An article by a friends1st member.After a long committed relationship in a marriage I had a great deal to learn. My 32 year long marriage ended, but not because of me. (Don’t judge me yet – read on please). I write…

Dating Advice from Pope Francis

Dating Advice from Pope Francis One area of life that everyone seems to have advice to offer is dating. If you have told anyone you are single, I am sure you will have had dating advice from your single friends, from your married friends, and even from your mom. But…


Build Your Dating Muscles

Build Your Dating Muscles

I have learnt an interesting lesson recently. Chances are that many of you have learnt this lesson already – at least anyone that goes to the gym will have done – but I suspect there are lots of members that don’t go to the gym (I am one of them!) and therefore may…

The A-Z of Christian Dating – C

The A to Z of Christian Dating C is for CHARACTER When you are searching for a soul mate, THE most important thing you should be looking for is CHARACTER.But strangely character never seems to come high up on people’s lists when you ask them what their ideal partner is…

The Hard Work of Dating

The Hard Work of Dating   I think most of us think that dating is going to be easy – that the right person will just come along and we’ll know that from the first contact, we’ll meet and walk off into the sunset together. I know secretly I thought like that, even…


The A – Z Of christian Dating – D

The A – Z Of christian Dating – D

The A to Z of Christian Dating D IS FOR DUMP


Ah we could write so much on the word ‘Dump’. Dumping an unsuitable boyfriend or girlfriend immediately comes to mind (which many, myself included, find or have found to be hard to do) but as Christians I hope we would not…

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