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The Dating Academy The Dating Academy

I’m really excited to be starting our 5th Dating Academy in February 2019. This year we are holding the Academy in Oxford, and we have a great group of people who will be participating in it. These lovely people are all people who have decided that they want to focus…

The A-Z of Christian Dating – A

The A to Z of Christian Dating A is for AttitudeYour ATTITUDE will affect your success at dating. Like so many parts of life, your attitude towards it will affect not only your experience of dating, but also how you get on and ultimately the results you get.We all…

Keeping your love life going in a recessionKeeping your love life going in a recession

Dec 5, 2008

There are few of us who aren’t having to tighten our belts in these current times. Perhaps one of the first things we cut from our regular spending is going out to do something including eating out. If that’s what you’ve had to do perhaps it’s left you feeling that…

Find Your Dream PartnerFind Your Dream Partner

[insert_php] Name * Email * How important is it for you to have someone special to share your life with? (drop down answers – select one) * Please select oneVery importantQuite importantNice if it happensNot very importantI’m easy either way What would you most…


BEFORE YOU DATE SOMEONE ‘… Spur one another on toward love and good deeds’ Hebrews 10:24 Here’s some advice for making your dating experiences something you can feel good about afterwards… 1) Be spiritually prepared. Talk to God while you’re getting ready. Time spent…

The A-Z of Christian Dating – B

B is for BeautyThe second letter of the alphabet B and the second of our dating attribute stands for BEAUTY.Now I am sure men reading this will be thinking “Yes’! Beauty is a very important criterion for me – a woman must be beautiful…

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