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Turning a No to your maximum advantage.Turning a No to your maximum advantage.

This article is important. It’s on a subject that if you don’t spend some time thinking about and getting right, then your whole future could be at stake. It’s also a topic that applies to other areas of our lives and not just...


Gardening and Dating – by Sheila JacobsGardening and Dating – by Sheila Jacobs

I'm thrilled to welcome Sheila Jacobs as a guest post today who has written this great piece on gardening and dating.– What has gardening got to do with dating? Well, unless you’ve met a landscape gardener, or someone who loves their allotment, probably not much…? Ha! Well, let me surprise you….. I have a very large garden. It has been...


 connecting with christiansConnecting with christians

Recently I went to a concert performed by a group of three classical musicians playing wonderful folk music. At the interval, they all mixed with the audience and when the second half began the leader of the group said she was bemused that so many of us had asked them…


If I had a crystal ballIf I had a crystal ball

I had an interesting conversation with one of our female members recently and I came up with an analogy that I hope you might reflect on. OK I’ll be honest – I’m getting on my high horse again to talk about distance. I keep doing this because I keep being proved right...


5 Christian ice breakers for men5 Christian ice breakers for men

The weekend may be coming to a close, and the dates are done for another week, but there is always time to brush up on your conversation skills. Check out 5 great Christian ice breakers to kick off your conversation from the UK’s no.1 offline Christian...


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