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4 Dinnerless Date Suggestions4 Dinnerless Date Suggestions

Evening dates don’t have to just be about dinner. Why not try one of these 4 activities from offline Christian dating experts Friends1st for a slightly different spin on a date night. Bowling It’s a relaxed environment, there is always a bustle of games...

A guide for Christians who love walkingA guide for Christians who love walking

Our Friends1st Dating Compass is your essential guide to finding Christians on the same path as you. God knows you wouldn’t go walking without a compass so don’t date without our free dating compass. As the UK’s no.1 offline Christian dating agency,...


Should you pay or split?

Should you pay or split?

Three little dating etiquette tips that go a long way.   Good etiquette is incredibly important when you are getting to know someone. It’s essential to make a good impression when getting to know someone. You should always be honest and be yourself, but...



A successful home dinner dateA successful home dinner date

What do you cook? What do you do? Here are our tips on the minefield that can be the home dinner date. Go Fresh… If you have invited someone over for dinner and they have said yes they will be going to a lot of effort in travel, dressing up, & choosing wine...

A day trip that will bring you closer.A day trip that will bring you closer.

Much like the first date, the first day trip is part and parcel of the courtship process. The key to a great day trip is a good destination / selection of activities. It should be an enjoyable experience for both people. With that in mind, here are some suggestions on...


Five songs for that Friday FeelingFive songs for that Friday Feeling

We all know it: butterflies, excitement, & anticipation. It’s like a first kiss that happens every week – it’s that feeling when we know the weekend is near. If you want that feeling everyday you can find it in friendship and love. And as the...


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