Christian Dating


Christian Dating AgencyA Genuine Christian Dating Agency

 friends1st is a genuine Christian Dating Agency. It is one of the longest running well established agencies that exists for Christians in the UK. It operates entirely off – line, although there is obviously an on-line presence…



Christian Dating

Christian Dating

Christian Dating Are you looking to find a genuine Christian dating website – or agency that can help you meet other genuine Christians? Or are you even looking for Christian Dating advice? If so, you’re in the right place as that’s what friends1st is and provides….


Stay Safe!Stay Safe!

Stay SAFE! I have written numerous times about the importance of staying safe in the dating world. I am sure the majority of internet or app dating is utilised by honest individuals who only want to meet other people for ‘honourable’ purposes. However we would be…


Biblical Christian Dating SitesBiblical Christian Dating Sites

Are Christian Dating Sites Biblical? There’s nothing inherently unbiblical about Christian Dating Sites since obviously the internet wasn’t around when the Bible was written. Matchmaking is as old as the Bible itself (you could say if you look at Genesis and the story…

Everyone Is DatingEveryone Is Dating

Everyone is Dating Do you ever feel like everyone is dating but you? Like many people, I am old enough to remember when the idea of using a dating agency to find a partner was such a taboo. The brother of friend of mine from school found his wife that way (this was…


Encouragement to those who feel: “On My Own”




Encouragement to those who feel: “On My Own” Many people who are single, having never been married, divorced or widowed: refer to themselves as on my own. As a Life Coach, I often counter this with the question “Oh, so you don’t have any friends or family?” Their…


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