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Is it time to commit?Is it time to commit?

You have been on numerous dates, talked for hours together, and see the potential for a lasting relationship. But before you commit, here are a few things you should consider.   Do you think you are ready to commit to a relationship? Will this relationship make...

10 Commandments of Christian Dating10 Commandments of Christian Dating

Your guide to finding a Christian soul mate that suits you down to a “†”. Discover the 3 things you must not do, as well as practical advice on how to be more attractive to others.   Make sure you are doing the right things to find Christian...


7 Easy Sunday Songs


Is love at first sight real?Is love at first sight real?

Many claim to have known someone was their soulmate at first glance.   Do you believe in love at first sight? A recent study from the University of Chicago has found that the way another person looks at you can hint at their feelings. The research – covered in...


Impress on your first dateImpress on your first date

The quick and easy guide from the UK’s No.1 offline Christian Dating Agency Friends1st. Let’s be honest, we could write a book on first dates, but why bother when all the best advice is simple enough to be broken down into 5 easy points. Barring the...


February Madness!!!February Madness!!!

I’m really pleased to say that February was very hectic in the office following our recent membership offers. We’ve got so many new members and we’ve been flat out making sure as many people as possible receive members profiles at the beginning of this month…and...


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