Christian Dating Agency

Christian Dating Agency

Aug 29, 2018 | Christian Dating | 0 comments

A Genuine Christian Dating Agency

friends1st is a genuine Christian Dating Agency. It is one of the longest running well established agencies that exists for Christians in the UK.  It operates entirely off – line, although there is obviously an on-line presence otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article here!!!

So what is a Christian Dating Agency and why is friends1st off–line?

A Christian Dating agency is an organisation that exists to help Christians meet and make friends with other Christians for the purposes of making new friends and finding a long term Christian partner. It would be unlikely that you would meet the people on the agencies books in other ways (unlikely but not impossible because as we all know the circles we move in –  Christian ones included  – are always small!) hence the demand for such services.

In the UK there are very few genuine Christian Dating Agencies. There are many on-line sites that cater for every type of person – and have a little section for Christians – but these aren’t truly Christian Dating agencies in the same way that a florist selling greeting cards aren’t truly ‘card shops’. They may sell cards but that’s not really what they do. Agencies that cater for Christians but aren’t inherently Christian, equally serve all sorts of other markets – like vegan dating, sport dating and different sexual orientation dating. Nothing wrong with that if that’s what you are looking for – but if you are looking for a Christian Dating Agency, then it’s best to join one that does exclusively that.

Friends1st is a Christian Dating agency that only caters for people with a Christian faith. It is run solely for Christians and does not cater for other categories of people.

Friends1st was set up in 1999 pretty much before the internet existed. Email was around but the web as we know it now was very much in its infancy. So obviously friends1st set up providing an off-line service. It soon became clear that dating is not as easy as it looks and the personal support that we offered our customers was highly valued and made a huge difference as to whether people met others, and how ‘successful’ they were with their memberships, and how positive their experience of dating was to be. When the internet came along, there was of course the option to provide our service that way, but that would have meant the loss of all the personal support, personal feedback about members, and the offering of everything we do that can’t be done on-line to the same effect. And that’s why we continue to provide our service entirely off line. It may make us smaller than some on-line agencies look, but we believe that the genuineness and quality of our members is more important than huge numbers which when looked at closely may not be true Christians (or worse case scenario may not exist at all in reality!)

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