Catholic Match

Friends1st helps single Catholics all over the UK find their Catholic match with the same faith and beliefs

We help introduce Catholics to each other who are particularly looking for a fellow Catholic as a future spouse. Joining an agency that operates an off line service is a great way to find other single Catholics. We know that the search for a single Catholic women or single Catholic man can be a strain. Although we are not exclusively for Catholics (we cater for all denominations of Christians – and only Christians) we do have lots of Catholics on our books. We also have a Catholic founder so we completely understand where you are coming from.  We understand that it is important for you to find someone who understands the teachings and practices of the Catholic church and that you wouldn’t necessarily want anyone who wasn’t a Catholic match. 

So if you are a single Catholic looking to find and build a relationship with a fellow Catholic, and you want a relationship based on having the same faith, principles and common interests, then call us today for an initial chat or complete the form on this page and we will get in touch with you. By just taking this initial exploratory step, you will have made the first step on the journey of unlocking many dating possibilities that will lead you to find a wonderful Catholic partner.


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More about our service

friends1st provides an offline Christian Dating and friendship service that simply and effectively connects single Christians across the UK and Ireland in a way that encourages and helps them to make new friends and ultimately find someone special.

We have dedicated staff devoted to doing everything they can to ensure every member is successful whatever their individual circumstances. As a member you will benefit from our caring, hands-on approach and enjoy our whole-hearted commitment to helping you find your soul mate.  CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON on the carton to the left or above to watch a brief overview of what we do. Or Scroll down the page and watch our founder (Katharine Gray) introducing friends1st and telling you all about the off – line Christian dating service we provide. Alternatively click the button below to schedule a phone call with one of our team at a time that is best the most convenient to you.

Our Latest Testimonial

"Thank you for sending me your updated Friends1st material. I see that my recent Facebook posts in regard to the format of your product were misplaced, as friends1st is indeed a classy bespoke service that is the antithesis of online dating services. I have actually been married for the last 10 years but I have a friend who needs your services and I would like to pay for his membership fees"

(Hugo from Wootten Bassett)
Date received: 10th October 2019