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Welcome to Friends1st. Christian dating can be a very real challenge as you try and meet that special someone who shares your faith – but the good news is that we can help you particularly in these difficult times. When you join Friends1st you’re in safe hands. With verified members throughout the UK, including Northern Ireland, our personalised introduction service has successfully helped Christian singles find love for more than 21 years. We offer dating advice, holidays and events (in normal times) too. Just fill in the form now to find out if there are any Christian singles near you. It could change your life!

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Watch this short video about friends1st because your future matters!

In this short video Katharine – the friendsfirst founder (and still hands-on Director), shares the friendsfirst story; outlines the friendsfirst core principles, and provides and overview of membership, so that you can assess whether friendsfirst is the right organisation for you!

We are completely different to most Christian dating sites in the UK and you’ll find out why in this video. Alternatively click here to read our full story.

Click here to watch Katharine’s message about making the most of the Coronavirus situation.

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Christian Singles Events

We run Christian singles events throughout the UK. They are a great opportunity to meet and mingle with other single Christians in a relaxed environment. We aim to make them easy to get to by public transport or car.

These events are open to members and past members, and some of our success stories are from people who met each other at one of our events! We look forward to meeting you.


Christian Dating Resourcing

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Christian Holidays For Singles

Would you like to go on a Christian holiday for singles? This is a great way to meet other Christians and enjoy getting to know them while taking part in shared and enjoyable activities – all set in beautiful surroundings.

Open to members and non-members alike our Christian Holidays have been popular for many years.​

Click here to find out about our next holiday.

Christian Dating Resourcing

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Christian Dating Advice

If you’re looking for Christian Dating Advice online you’ve come to the right place.

YouTube coachingSubscribe to our YouTube channel to get weekly coaching on how to be successful in finding your Christian soulmate.

Monday night Webinar – Join Katharine on any Monday evening at 7pm for our ‘How to go about meeting a soulmate who shares your faith in the 21st Century. Click here to register.

Video Advice – Sign up for our free 4-part course and learn how to meet other Christians close to you.

Christian Dating Resourcing

BlogFollow our blog for articles on dating, romance and how to meet other men and women who share your faith – and ultimately a wonderful Christian partner.

Full of wit and words of wisdom.

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For Free Christian Dating Resources…

free christian dating resources, advice and coaching

Our Latest Testimonial

LOVE… true love, what does it mean to you? It means different things to different people, but it is the one thing that most of us strive for in our lifetime. If you are anything like me, you find the dating game a minefield, not meeting many people in everyday situations and simply put off by online dating and the uncomfortable idea that some people might not be quite who they say they are. That is where Friends 1st steps in. Unlike online dating, you can be 100% sure whomever you come into contact with is genuine, and this is because their exceptional service operates mainly offline. No pretence, no reservations – these are members who have been verified, had thorough conversations with the team, had their own photo shoot and heck, did not even write their own profile! If ever you want a true representation of a person, this is it. Most importantly, if meeting a Christian is absolute for you, it is clear many Christians naturally gravitate towards this service.

I cannot express how taken aback I have been since my very first enquiry, everyone on the team is simply wonderful, with a true humanitarian touch. The type of people who you can trust and who you know will support you. I was never once pressurised into joining, but simply advised and allowed to take my time to think about things. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach, instead they get to know you, putting you and your desires at the core and treating you as a unique individual. The team are professionals for sure, but more than that, they feel like caring friends. I was particularly pleased to receive personal communication directly from Katharine, the Founder, and if that isn’t a sign of a company that is hands-on, then I don’t know what is!

This is the dating agency I have been wishing for but never knew existed up until now, and in an age where almost everything has gone digital, it is suitably refreshing and rather superior. Friends 1st – thank you! You have restored my faith in dating and relationships. It may or may not bring the soulmate I am looking for, but at least I know I am one step closer and whatever happens will be God’s will. Thank you for everything so far.I am sure I will have many more positive things to say in the future!In the meantime, I’ll certainly being mentioning by word of mouth to those I feel may benefit from the service.

(Miss Ra – Google review)

Date received: 2nd July 2020

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our service

friends1st provides an offline Christian Dating and friendship service that simply and effectively connects single Christians across the UK and Ireland in a way that encourages and helps them to make new friends and ultimately find someone special.

We have dedicated staff devoted to doing everything they can to ensure every member is successful whatever their individual circumstances. As a member you will benefit from our caring, hands-on approach and enjoy our whole-hearted commitment to helping you find your soul mate.  CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON on the carton to the left or above to watch a brief overview of what we do. Or Scroll up the page and watch our founder (Katharine Gray) introducing friends1st and telling you all about the off – line Christian dating service we provide. Alternatively click the button below the video to schedule an exploratory phone call with one of our team at a time that is best the most convenient to you.

Read the stories of some of our wonderful couples who met through our Christian dating introduction service

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FED UP of on-line dating sites and apps? Here's how we do CHRISTIAN DATING differently

Off line

Our service is off-line

Our membership and introduction ‘Christian Dating’ service is provided entirely off line. You can call it old fashioned or you can sigh with relief that you’ve found a truly personal, interactive and effective way of meeting other single Christians.
Genuine Members

Genuine Members

We only accept genuine Christians as members so if that’s what you’re looking for you’ll be in the right company with us.
Expert support

Expert support

“It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it, and that’s what gets results.”  We don’t solely introduce Christians to each other – we provide tools, education, coaching and support to make sure you’re doing the right things in the right way. That’s what gets results! Check out our RESOURCES tab – many of them are FREE and available for everyone.


Both yours, other members and ours. You won’t find ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ members on our books. Just real genuine Christians who are truly committed to finding new friends and the right partner.

“What you are doing is good stuff. It’s darn good system. I really value what you say in your magazine.”

(Jeremy single vicar 45)

“The newsletter has inspired me to go and get some professional photos taken, I was really impressed with it”

(John 59 new member Newcastle upon)

“Though I have been happily married for 9 months now (Jan 07); I have found your ‘Looking for Love again’ book very helpful and informative. Reading it reminded me of […]

(Sheila, Foster Carer)

“You have all been very very helpful.”

(Joy 50)

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